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Google Translate Application Now Can be used Offline

android google translate

If you are located in a foreign destination and do not have an internet connection and find signs in English that are not understood, you can now rely on Google Translate in mobile applications.

android google translate

Users of Google Translate in Indonesia could enjoy visual technology that can translate text in r eal time and does not require an internet connection.

You just open the Google Translate app on Android and iOS phones, pressing the camera icon and directing the English text you want translated, such as street signs, restaurant menus or recipes. Directly, you will see the text transformed into Indonesian on the phone screen.

“We realized that most users need a translator tool when they are away from the computer, or when they are not connected to the internet, for example, when traveling or ordering food in a restaurant. We are working hard to continually provide new experiences according to user needs”, Product Manager, Google Translate, in a statement.

Indonesia became one of 27 languages ​​can now enjoy this technology. Additionally, for users in Indonesia where an internet connection is sometimes unstable, claiming Google Translate team also has updated features conversational mode becomes more smooth and neutral in weak internet connection.

This feature allows users to communicate with others in two different languages, which will then be translated by Google Translate in real time.

“Half of Internet content available in English, but only 20% of the world population is fluent in English,” added Julie. “I hope our efforts can help you communicate and find information you need, wherever and whenever you need it”

How to Multitasking in Windows 10?

windows 10 features

Within days, Microsoft will officially release Windows 10. The operating system is going to bring a lot of updates, one of which claimed to multitasking capabilities more qualified.

windows 10 features

The company founded by Bill Gates showed off the capabilities in a video released today. In the video, Microsoft highlight three main features of multitasking capabilities of Windows 10, the Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist.

Snap Assist helps users manage the screen with ease. Windows users often open many applications at once. With this feature, the user can display four application windows simultaneously on one screen.

Users can simply drag the application window to the corners of the screen only. Windows 10 would even suggest how to fill out each section. Task View itself simplify desktop management. Users can create a virtual desktop to expand the work area.

This feature helps users working on multiple tasks, but do not want mixed. So it can be sorted out and placed in a different desktop screen without having to use additional devices.

While the Action Center itself puts all the notifications and a few settings. So users can do tasks quickly, such as replying to emails or adjust the brightness of the screen without having to open the application.

These three features above will directly sampled current users of Windows 10 officially launched next July 29. Windows 7 and 8 users can update for free.

Inspiring Story of Bill Gates At So ‘Bachelor’

The figure of Bill Gates feels always interesting to talk about. As is known, Gates decided to drop out of Harvard University in order to develop Microsoft finally debuted as the largest software manufacturer in the world.

Now, 30 years after deciding to drop out of one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Bill Gates finally received an honorary degree from Harvard in 2007.

bill gates bachelorAt that time, he addressed the graduates and Harvard academics. His speech contained and loaded inspiration, including the moments in which he chose not to go to college anymore. Nothing wrong with a little listened again.

“I am grateful to Harvard for this honor and pleasure to finally have a college degree,” said Bill Gates in a speech at Harvard University in 2007 was.

“I’ve been waiting for more than 30 years to say this, Dad, I always told you that I would go back (to Harvard) and get a degree,” he said jokingly.

“I applaud the graduates today. I myself have had the pleasure called drop out of Harvard’s most successful. I did the best of everyone who failed,”

“But I also dragged Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO ex-ed) to drop out. I have a bad influence. Which is why I was only invited to speak at the graduation ceremony. When I spoke earlier, perhaps the pass would be less,” he joked Harvard students were greeted by laughter

Windows Phone 8.1 stretcher Android Features

Unlike the desktop version, Windows Phone 8.1 has so far not showing signs to be launched. Even so a number of leaks that began circulating shows that the operating system will probably have a feature similar to Android.

windows phone 8.1Carrying the title Action Center, which features said to be owned by the WP 8.1 has the same concept with a pull-down menu available on Android. Ie, users can easily access a menu by simply dragging the menu from the top of the screen.

Not only that, through the menu Action Center at the WP 8.1 users can also easily identify incoming notification, as well as offered on Android. That said, WP 8.1 will be the second operating system iOS imitate after doing so.

In addition to the Android-style menus, Leaks are also outstanding style is embedding digital assistant Siri were given the designation belongs iOS Cortana.

The operating system itself is mentioned WP 8.1 will be revealed officially by Microsoft in the early months of April 2014, or in conjunction with Microsoft’s Build developer conference event.

Ready to swing Windows 9 April 2015?

Microsoft is preparing a new hero to replace Windows 8 is considered to have failed to shake the world. The new operating system will reportedly slid commercially in April 2015.

Windows 9, or also called Threshold, touted as a unique operating system that combines Windows, Windows Phone, and Windows RT. The operating system is also expected to be a refinement of Windows 8, which received a lot of criticism.

windows 9 microsoftIn Windows 9 later, Microsoft allegedly would restore the function of the conventional Windows Start button combined with the Metro-style interface.

Until now, the existence of the operating system is still confusing. There has been no official response from Microsoft, the only source only comes from Paul Thurrott who has been regarded as an ‘expert news’ Microsoft.