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Johansson Already Writing 2.7 Million Articles in Wikipedia

Maybe you’ve never heard of  Sverker Johansson, but if you’ve read the Swedish language Wikipedia pages, or the Philippines, there is a chance you’ve read the article artificial Johansson.

sverker johanssonYes, Sverker Johansson is a volunteer who has served as a writer on Wikipedia during the previous seven years.

Swedish men aged 53 this year at least 2.7 million has been writing articles for Wikipedia. According to Wikimedia analytics, monitoring site traffic Wikipedia, Johansson is the most prolific author of the article on Wikipedia.

Topics article mainstay Johansson is cataloging species of animals, especially butterflies and beetles. Johansson is currently living in Sweden with his wife is Filipino. So it was not surprising that two-thirds of the article in Wikipedia using Filipino language, while the rest use the Swedish language.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Johansson himself was also having a college degree, ie linguistic, civil engineering, economics, and physics. He claimed to have interested in many ways.

But apparently, in filling in the Wikipedia article, Johansson assistance of a computer program – often referred to as bots -. The program is named Lsjbot developed by Johansson.

The workings of this Lsjbot like a search engine that automatically collect information from a variety of digital sources, which are then sewn into an article. Johansson claimed that Lsjbot could produce about 10 thousand articles each day.