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What If Mark Zuckerberg Being Boss Twitter?

mark zuckerberg

More recently, Mark Zuckerberg attended a session that discusses Facebook AI Research and cooperation with several universities in Berlin.

mark zuckerberg

On that occasion, the founder of Facebook got a question which is quite surprising from one visitor: what happens when he served as CEO of Twitter?

This question is obviously in the spotlight. Interestingly, Zuck-familiar call-Zuckerberg replied casually. He said that if he became the number one on Twitter, then he will be brewing a flagship feature, the Live Broadcast.

According to Zuck, Live Broadcast feature will be a bridge for users with accounts of such important public figures. This feature is actually being implemented on Facebook. Live Broadcast itself also has a presence on Twitter separately from the application Periscope.

Zuck continue, these features could become more attractive if Twitter add some unique elements that hold a lot more users in the future.

“Live Broadcast become one of the interesting features. I think, colleagues in Twitter is already working hard to polish this feature in such a way. I am very sure, all of you will see a lot more interesting changes in these features later,” said Zuck.

For your information, Twitter user growth is slowing. In fact, the number of its own has been lost to Instagram, which has been acquired by Facebook.

Known, Instagram now has more than 400 million users. While Twitter only has 320 million users.

For the segment of advertisers, social networking and photo sharing this video has been holding 200 thousand advertisers, while Twitter only hook 130 thousand.

Periscope Translucent 10 Million Users

periscope twitter

Periscope potential to pick up large numbers of users. Just four months after its release, its growth was significant.

periscope twitter

The video streaming applications currently has 10 million registered users. Given the increasingly crowded people take advantage of this application, the figure of 10 million would still be growing.

However, as reported by IT Pro Portal, Periscope is currently more concerned with the time users spend watching videos for Periscope in Android and iOS than the number of users or video watched.

Time watch is the yardstick very cared for by Periscope, Periscope and will continue to update the information periodically.

Periscope steal the show when Twitter acquisition March. This step shows the seriousness of Twitter in video services. Later, Twitter is diligent testing video ads and allows users to upload and edit their videos.

However, Twitter is still developing Vine separately. Service short duration of six seconds of video is bought in 2012. Interestingly, Twitter users seem more familiar to use Vine rather than uploading videos directly on Twitter.

Twitter Want to Be Emergency Communication Tool

Characteristics Twitter is public, informative, real time and can be accessed by mobile, very useful in emergency situations. Twitter wants to cooperate with the Indonesian government into a platform emergency when a disaster occurs.

twitter social network“We really want to do it in Indonesia. Cooperation with first responders and entities in the industry to discuss how to collaborate in disaster recovery,” said Vice President of Global Public Policy Twitter Colin Crowell.

Talking with a number of media in Hotel Mulia, Senayan, Jakarta this week, Colin said countries like Indonesia, require practical communication platform during a disaster. When the crisis is over any disaster, people can use it for dissemination of information.

“We often hear of crisis when a natural disaster. Imagine, when there is an emergency, in a state of anxiety, we must ensure that all affected are in the right direction. Gets the right information”.

He pointed out that when the Haiyan typhoons in the Philippines last year, Twitter collaborated with the Philippine Red Cross offering free advertising credit to disseminate information about services and distribution services to the post-disaster needs of all citizens.

Apparently, Twitter Initial Logo Price Only USD 15

In addition to the name, the logo becomes an important thing for a brand. However this is less echoed by giant microblogging service Twitter. Because, the initial company logo is not as expensive as expected.

logo twitter

Yes, as the popular Internet company, at the beginning of the Twitter, the company was apparently looking for a logo from a stock photography site, iStock.

After Twitter launched in 2006, Twitter bought his first logos at a price not more than USD 15.

If you still remember, the initial Twitter logo is an image of birds that are perched on a twig tree. Bird logo was the dominant white and blue is not used at this time.

The creator himself is Simon Oxley, a graphic designer from England who settled in Japan. He was at the time to submit the photos to iStock. Oxley had never heard of Twitter at that time.

Twitter finally left design in 2009, because the company is not supposed to use iStock images as their official logo.

Twitter logo had experienced minor changes in 2012, exactly half the size of a little optimism showed up for Twitter.

Microsoft Presents Special Feature Search Twitter on Bing

Microsoft has just announced that it has teamed with Twitter. The results of such cooperation, namely Microsoft’s search engine users, Bing can do a search related to Twitter, such as user accounts, popular tweets, and hashtags directly in the search box Bing.

This feature is similar to features found in Twitter search. Search results related to Twitter in Bing also done in real-time, relevant, or the same as when accessing a search directly on Twitter.

bing search twitter“The main idea behind this approach is the most interesting content on Twitter may be determined by a combination of the popularity of the tweet itself, fresh, and authority of users to tweet,” wrote Microsoft.

How it works itself, Microsoft explained in its blog page, the user can simply type a few letters that preceded the sign add ‘@’ or hashtag ‘#’ in the search box, then Bing automatically performs the matching word in question, without users having to write the entire query-text. Once the search results appear, on the right there is a link to go directly to the page Twitter users to search Bing.

“Bing also help you find a particular Twitter user. Tell the one you are looking for a Twitter Ashton Kutcher and start typing ‘@ a’ in the search box Bing. You can see from our suggestions for the Twitter users that match that entered by you with with additional info to help you quickly find the right person, “said Microsoft.

bing search engineMicrosoft’s collaboration with Twitter itself is not the first case. Not long ago, one interpreter services to Microsoft, Bing Translate was tested in order to help Twitter users post tweets Twitter able to understand a foreign language.

Jelly, ‘Google Mini’ Artificial Founder Twitter

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, released a mobile application with a funny name and a unique, Jelly. This application is arguably the ‘Google Mini’. Its function as a mobile search engine in smartphones or tablets.

While popular usage later, Stone hopes Jelly will change the way people search and find information.

“Everyone today mobile, everything is connected. So if you have a question, there are others out there who has the answer,” said the man who left Twitter in June 2011.

jelly google miniJelly, available free for iOS and Android based devices. Through this application, users can enter a question into their network of social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

Like doing a search in Google search engine, they can type a question in question. Or, if their questions in the form of images, for example, they can be wrapped around objects on the photos they take and asking for information about the object.

This service will compete with Quora, which was created by former Facebook employees, or Ask.com and Yahoo’s Answers that allows users to ask other people. Large numbers of this kind of service users get recommendations from friends or answer them on Facebook and Twitter.