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Prepare Jumbo Sony Tablet Competitor iPad Pro

Jumbo tablet seems to be so new trend among manufacturers of gadgets. After Samsung has first launch it, and then Apple is developing iPad called Jumbo, turn now Sony is reportedly also working on a 12 inch tablet.


When Samsung offers a jumbo tablet with 12.2 inch size, then the claim jumbo tablet Sony said will have a 12.9-inch landscape display. Interestingly, the size of the screen exactly as it will be offered by Apple on iPad Jumbo. It may be that Sony is preparing a jumbo iPad competitor when it was released later.

To that end, the specifications are also not kidding. 12.9 inch screen tablet jumbo Sony will have a resolution of up to 3840×2400 pixels which is higher than UHD resolution of 3840×2160 pixels though only.

While the processor used is limited to say the Snapdragon. But it is very possible that the use is Snapdragon 810, with a blend of 3 GB RAM or maybe even 4 GB. In addition, Sony’s jumbo tablet will also have an 8 MP camera.

About the price, because it will be positioned in the upper class, this tablet will arguably have prices above USD 1000. Meanwhile, the release said will dihimpitkan time to time issue Jumbo iPad announcement about the second quarter or third quarter of 2015.

Interestingly, Sony reportedly also will hold a manufacturing company called Pegatron to make the jumbo tablet. Which Pegatron is a company that is now designated Apple and Microsoft to produce tablets iPad and Microsoft Surface.

Sony Releases Security Camera to See in the Dark

Sony said, this camera has a light infrared imaging technology that can “actually see in the dark” object with a radius of up to 30 meters.

sony camera cctv

In addition, there is also exposure-compensation technology that allows the camera while giving clear details of a person’s face or number plate of vehicles in dark areas. According to Sony, although the conventional infrared camera can see in the dark, but the details of the picture looks blurry or unclear.

This camera comes in three different models, SNC-EB602R, SNC-EB632R, and SNC-VB632D. Of the three models, the SNC-VB632D have additional features, such as LED-Illuminator that can detect movement within a distance of five meters, equipped also image stabilization, 2,14MP sensor and 3x optical zoom. Special models will be on sale from November.

Sony adds three camera models will be sold from 120,000 yen per unit. Sony’s target market, the company is security, warehouse, office, and home-based upscale consumers.

Sony Tablet 8 Inch Thinnest and Lightest in the World

In addition to announcing the presence of the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and E3, Sony also released a tablet that is targeted as a competitor to the iPad Mini Retina Display. Named Z3 Compact Tablet, Sony claims to be the lightest and tertips mini tablet in the world.

The tablet landscape has 8 inch wide screen that makes it compete with Apple’s tablet and Google Nexus 9. But maybe that made the difference is the thickness and weight.

tablet sony z3Z3 Compact Tablet possessed a thickness of 6.4 millimeters, with a weight of only 270 grams. This includes protection from water and dust as coated IP65 / 68.

For comparison, the iPad Mini Retina Display Wifi only, has a weight of 331 grams and the degree of thinness of 134.7 millimeters. So in class 8 inch, Sony’s latest tablet is still the best.

Turning to the inside, Z3 Compact Tablet is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor plus 801 quad core 2.5 GHz kitchen runway, 3GB RAM, 8.1 megapixel camera on the back side and a 2.2 megapixel camera on the front.

There is also an additional 16GB of internal memory with microSD, KitKat Android operating system, and a 4,500 mAh battery.

Features that are not less interesting is, its ability to support the PlayStation 4 When players play a game on TV, then the Z3 tablet can be used as an additional control.

Duel Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera vs. Sony

Talking about mirrorless cameras, the longer the current trend is Sony and Fujifilm mirrorless camera. The second main difference is the design of the system.

Fuji camera adopts the design of analog cameras / film and rangefinder, where many tangible camera control wheel (dial), levers and buttons. While Sony is more modern and more like a DSLR camera but the shape is more compact and lighter.

camera mirrorlessProblem tactical control, Fuji has wheel / dial to set the ISO, and shutter speed that is above the camera, and the aperture is set by turning the aperture ring on the lens, just like the movie camera / analog. For those who frequently use the manual mode dial this will certainly help and feel enjoy to operate this camera.

Fuji has a collection of more lenses than Sony E lenses for mirrorless, but not yet complete. Most prices range between U.S. $ 6-12 million.

One that I often hear from the user’s friends Fuji is the process of JPG photo Fuji looks more natural and gives the impression of nostalgic films. Perhaps because the experience of Fuji that has been decades in the film era.

On the other hand, the Sony camera design looks more modern and more like a DSLR camera. Change the exposure settings like shutter speed and aperture using a dial wheel like a DSLR camera.

In some types of intermediate-advanced cameras such as A6000 and A7, many buttons that can be customized as desired and user habits

Sony Ensure Games Last of Us to Widescreen

Gamers will not only be treated to exciting action game The Last of Us via the PlayStation game console. Sony has made sure it will lift a phenomenal game to the big screen.

Creator was not kidding, Sony rely on the same film producer who worked on Resident Evil.
the last of us gamesScreen Gems is finally trusted Sony to make a big screen version of the game made by Naughty Dog. It may be that the success of the Resident Evil films have a similar genre into consideration the results creator Sony.

Furthermore, Screen Gems is a movie producer who was also under the auspices of Sony Pictures.

Interestingly, the script will rewrite the story of the game The Last of Us to fit the wide screen will be carried out by the Creative Director of the game itself that is Neil Druckman, instead of using a professional script writer.

Sony also called those who wish to intervene directly in the making of the game The Last of Us is going to give a more attractive touch to the screen version.

Although it is uncertain when the movie The Last of Us entered the cinema, most likely in the making the film there will also intervene Spiderman film producer, Sam Raimi is about to be completed around 2015.

Sony Working on Mobile Octa Core?

Approaching the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is getting close to a variety of technology issues faster and faster blowing. One of them comes from Sony is reportedly preparing octa-core mobile processor armed.

Although still issues, but leaked specifications were already circulating. That said, Sony will rely octa-core processor made ​​by MediaTek as the source.

sony octa coreAs reported earlier, one of the officials said MediaTek is octa-core processor garapannya will start flooding the market early 2014.

When referring to the CES 2014 event which will take place in early January, officials disclosed what the issue of the emergence of MediaTek and octa-core phone Sony at the annual event was deemed fit.

Moreover, the alleged leaked benchmark results as octa-core phone Sony also began to appear. code named Sony D5303, mentioned phones will use a 6-inch landscape display is successful in getting AnTuTu score of 30 145 points.

Indeed, when compared to its competitors claim quad-core processor, the score of the competition, filmed MediaTek chips are still somewhat below it. But for business power consumption, despite carrying the octa-core technology, MediaTek claims processors more power efficient.