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Microsoft Got Smart Bracelet for the Blind

Not only Smartwatch, Microsoft called also developing wearable gadgets that will be able to assist blind people to know the surrounding circumstances.

ilustration blindDevices that are cultivated and shaped headband could have been named as Alice Band. Although it was not clear how it works, Alice Band can be said to reflect information to and from the sensors attached to the wall of a building.

Yes, Alice Band was not able to work independently. She might need special sensors affixed at various public locations to help blind people know its position.

With the help of Alice Band and sensors that blind people are also believed to be easier to know the surrounding circumstances, such as finding the position of stairs, elevators, or even avoid ticket queues iron barrier.

Alice Band itself will not be sold to the public because the project is part of the Guide Dogs UK government being done in cooperation with Microsoft. Because the sensor is required not a little extra amount, the use of Alice Band also restricted in certain areas only.

Some analysts said Alice band is actually Microsoft’s effort who prefer non-mainstream path in competition wearable gadgets.

Because rather than dealing directly with devices such as the Google Glass, his chances in wearable gadget ‘useful’ a sort of Alice band is believed to be potentially make it a dominant player.