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Game Test Results in Four Fastest Smartphone

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iPhone 6 Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and the Nexus 6 is arguably the top four smartphone series that became the mainstay of the respective manufacturers.

iphone games

Which among them the most qualified when invited to play games? This is trying to look for the answer by GameBench benchmarking software maker.

In a report IB Times, GameBench run 10 popular mobile game titles are voracious resource in a fourth mobile phone, including GTA: San Andreas, Monument Valley, and Marvel: Contest of Champions.

Performance is measured on the value of mobile phones frames per second (FPS) and the median age of a variety of games that run. FPS stability is also included in the assessment. As a result, Apple’s iPhone 6 appearing at the top.

“IPhone 6 on average produce higher value by 10 percent while running tenth tested high end games,” said GameBench in its report.

“Galaxy S6 performed in second place, with more performance bottleneck that causes the framerate dropped to 30 FPS,” said the company. As for the third and fourth positions respectively occupied by HTC Nexus One M9 and 6.

Although the iPhone 6 had won the first prize, GameBench add a note that some games are more optimized for one platform than the other (eg iOS, rather than Android).

iPhone 6 also run the game with a smaller resolution than the Android phones (720p, 1080p versus on Android) so that the processing load is smaller. Screen resolution of the device in question is lower than most high-end Android smartphones today.

Differences that are under GameBench contribute to the high value of the iPhone 6. Going forward, GameBench intend to run tests on an iPhone 6 Plus which has a display resolution standard closer to Android.

What function in the Galaxy Note Screen Curved Edge?

Samsung introduced two models at once Note at IFA 2014, the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 4 Edge. Galaxy Note Edge has unique because it brings features curved screen on the right side of the handset, next to the main screen.

The curved screen has several uses. Such as providing quick access to regularly used applications and a variety of information such as news. This curved screens can operate independently so that still operate even if the main display is turned off.

galaxy note curvedBecause curved, the screen also remains accessible even casing wrapped with a handset. When playing a video, for example, the curved screen will display the main screen so that the controls can be fully used. Similarly, when accessing the camera, curved screen serves as the control center.

Samsung has long developed a curved screen. Previously, the handset Galaxy Round has implemented this technology. Now finally visited the curved display technology Samsung flagship handset.

Samsung also releases the SDK to attract application developers to take advantage of the curved screen in Note Edge. So that the function can be expected to multiply.

The specifications are identical to the Galaxy Note Edge Note 4 Call it Quad HD screen, quad-core 2.7 GHz processor, 3GB of RAM and a 16 megapixel camera. With high specifications and unique innovation, Edge Note ready to navigate the tight competition smartphone market.

Samsung NX3000 is a mirrorless camera, So Cool!

Samsung Samsung NX3000 is a mirrorless camera aimed at beginners and the general public need a better camera quality than compact cameras.

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The image sensor in this camera that is equivalent to the sensor used in DSLR cameras. Because the system includes a camera, the user can also change the lens as needed and the images are to be obtained.


Design Samsung NX3000 retro rangefinder camera or the film era, the top of the camera is made of a thin casing, there is a hotshoe for flash / accessories and wheel mode dial, there is the on / off and the mobile (for WiFI and others).

Materials to the top of the camera is very nice and made ​​of metal. For the lower part, the material of plastics textured. There are several colors, one brown that looks much like that of the skin.

The camera is relatively small and lightweight because only 230 grams. And the camera is one of the most comfortable to grip.

Although this camera is included for beginners, many buttons are available for quick access, so no need to change settings often go into the menu.

The buttons include: Fn (a kind of quick menu), AF mode, drive mode, displays, custom menu (can be programmed), playback (for reviewing images).

Moreover, in the existing lens i-Fn button, which allows us to change settings such as aperture, ISO, white balance and exposure compensation by turning the focus ring on the lens.

Not usually the entry level cameras provide a lot of buttons and wheel to change settings such as the NX3000. Therefore, experienced photographers will also be happy to use it. Because the buttons are all located to the right of the camera, then change the settings can be used with one hand.

Accommodate enthusiasts selfie (self-portrait), NX3000 LCD screen can be rotated up to 180 degrees. Its LCD screen is 3 inches big enough and clear, but the resolution is not the best current standards.

Its resolution 460,000 dots LCD. While in the intermediate and advanced cameras typically use an LCD screen 900,000 or 1 million points.

The screen is not touchscreen so can not change the settings or focus area by touching the LCD screen directly. Interestingly, if the screen is folded up, the camera will automatically turn on without having to press a button on.

Were somewhat unique to me is that the battery Samsung uses such as mobile phones to flat shape, its capacity is 2330 mAh large enough so that enough for a full day sightseeing. This type of battery is bigger than the Samsung NX300 that capacity is only 1130 mah.

Full battery capacity can be used to snap pictures of 370 times. For a photographic tour that takes pictures of the sunrise until sunset, you should prepare a backup battery 1-2. Memory cards are used is also unique, which is a micro SD.

Unfortunately, this camera can not accept SD memory cards. So that already have a lot of SD cards can not be installed on this camera. To charge the battery, Samsung provides a charge directly through the camera cable. Unfortunately not supplied external charger.

For image quality, roughly equivalent to the DSLR camera sensor APS-C. Quite a bit of noise up to ISO 1,600 from ISO 200-400, the noise is hardly noticeable, except the zoom 100% in the dark.

As mirrorless camera / DSLR, NX3000 can also record images in RAW format for experienced photographers who want to process the photos you want and the style of each.

There are also some photo processing mode called Picture Wizard. Some of these modes are: standard, portrait, vivid, landscape, forest, retro, cool, calm, classic and three custom modes.

Also there is the function of the filter include: Miniature vinyeting, sketch, and fisheye. When shooting in contrasting light conditions such as when sunset and sunrise, no dynamic range expansion function and HDR mode.

In the system, including the Samsung NX is still new and currently has 15 lenses are compatible with Samsung NX3000. One of them is the lens S (Superior) for professional photographers. There are many lenses that need to be made by Samsung, especially the lenses are of high quality / pro.

Some lenses that I recommend for NX3000 besides 16-50mm f / 2.8 include: Samsung 60mm f / 2.8 Macro OIS SSA for close-up / macro, Samsung 50-200mm OIS f / 4-5.6 for the photo subject is much like sports , wildlife, candid, Samsung 12-24mm f / 4-5.6, a wide lens for scenery, and the 85mm f / 1.4 for portrait photos.

Compared to the Samsung NX300 camera, which was launched last year, the NX3000 is slightly smaller and lighter, more affordable, its LCD screen can be folded upwards.

While the NX300 has an advantage in a sharper LCD screen and touchscreen. Image quality between the two similar-similar.

Galaxy Apps, Samsung Apps New Apps Store

Samsung Apps has a new look. Samsung’s app store has a fresh interface. Not only that, the name underwent a rebranding becomes more attractive, Galaxy Apps.

In appearance and his new name, Galaxy Apps also have hundreds of new applications. This application among many that are exclusive to the Galaxy.

samsung galaxy appsSamsung split the application into several categories that facilitate the search. The application categories include Best Picks, Top and For Galaxy.

Well, for this category For the Galaxy, divided into four different types of applications that offer the Galaxy Gifts, Galaxy Essentials, Apps for Professionals and Galaxy Specials. The latter application, specifically created using the Samsung SDK.

Samsung says that the Galaxy Apps wants to provide more options for the users to make mobile devices become more personalized. On the other hand, it has also become a platform for promotion and publishing deal. Some analysts believe this move could slightly affect Google Play market, considering Samsung products become the most popular Android devices currently.

Apps Galaxy has been released this week and will be available to all users in the global Samsung.

Hands On Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Screen High Resolution and Fast!

A few days ago, Samsung officially launched their latest tablet that has a screen with high resolution. Bringing Galaxy S name, the device is referred to as the flagship of the Samsung tablet. Therefore, on July 3, 2014, Samsung invites journalists to do the hands on the latest product in a hotel in numbers SCBD.

The screen used on the Samsung Galaxy S is very good for the size of an Android tablet. Technology Super AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) is already highly developed so that the colors shown much better .. The screen used on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S measuring 8.4 “and 10.5” both have a resolution of 2560 × 1600 has a 100,000:1 contrast ratio levels.

samsung galaxy tab s reviewsFor hardware specifications both tablet devices with a thinness of 6.6 mm, equivalent to 5 pieces of the credit card. In addition to favor the specification, Samsung also provide premium contents. In addition, Samsung also provide content in the form of Galaxy Global Gift at a price of $ 1,000-an, thus adding to the value of the Galaxy Tab S itself.

In terms of features the software, not Samsung’s name if you do not provide a myriad of applications that are very useful. Samsung emphasizes multitasking functionality by providing a multi-window. With this tablet, users can make voice calls while opening the internet browser. Voice calls can also be made from any smartphone Galaxy Note S5 or 3 that are connected to S via the application SideSync Tab 3.0. For security, the Samsung also has provided multi user mode up to 8 users that content is owned by the parent are not seen by their children. And of course, the finger scanner that can be used to shop online.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S – 5 Credit Card

Leaked given by Samsung is the price of the tablet is set quite high. The plan, the price of which is sized 8.4-inch tablet will be in the range of six millions. As for the 10.5-inch size would cost in the range of eight million.

So curious about the results of the benchmark? Although presented is a tablet with a non-retail version, we had to do some benchmarks. The result? If we get the result that this is a beta version, of course, the original version will be even higher. Here are the results:

Antutu Benchmark 4.0: 34 313

Quadrant Standard: 19 407

Linpack Single Thread: 436 632 MFLOPS

Linpack Multi-Thread: 780 864 MFLOPS

‘Tortured’ Wear Hammer, How Fate of the Galaxy S5?

To prove his toughness, not a technology media extreme test on the Galaxy S5. But unexpected things experienced by testers while torturing Galaxy S5 using a hammer.

Originally torture of mobile phones Samsung champ is done relying on the sharpness of the blade. Although most of the surface of the body behind the Galaxy S5 scratches due to the testing, part of the screen is not scratched at all.

Then testing continues using the hammer. Galaxy S5 too ravaged receive hammer blows, especially the screen, which cracked on the first punch.

However, when switching to the rear body section, unexpected things happen. Hammer blow to the back of the body that make the battery cover off, turned out to have a major impact on the battery Galaxy S5.

The blow directly on the corner of the battery resulting in leakage. Instantly bulging batteries, following the discharge of the battery. Impulse discharge the battery was made ​​prior swirling until it flew out of range of the camera.

Although not raises a bigger problem, than existing video, test teams sounds quite surprised by the incident. Here’s the video.