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Gigabyte and Kingston RAM Sets World Record Speed

In the last month, on a grand event technology exhibition Computex 2014 in Taiwan, the motherboard manufacturers began competing to introduce a variety of their own latest products and perform some action for the ability to show off their motherboards at overclocking competitions held at the event.


Of competition is quite fierce among manufacturers of motherboards at Computex 2014, one Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer, Gigabyte, managed to break the world record speed of DDR3 RAM memory for the first time succeeded in reaching the speed overclock frequency 4500 MHz (4.5 GHz) using motherboard design Gigabyte Z97X-SOC special LN2 Force on display at a press conference Gigabyte at Computex 2014.

Z97X-OC Force LN2

Lunge of motherboards Gigabyte Z97X-SOC LN2 Force does not stop there. Recently, along with Kingston Gigabyte parties back a new world record beat the previous record, which is one of the in-house overclocker Gigabyte Greek origin, Sofos, scored a world record speed of DDR3 RAM memory which reached 4620 Mhz 4600 Mhz limitation to cross the blood Gigabyte Z97X motherboard using the Force-SOC LN2. In the test, Sofos using liquid cooling Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) to cool the processor and RAM Kingston HyperX memory is used to record this new world.

The world record speed of DDR3 RAM memory which reaches 4600 MHz can already be seen and recorded in the HWBOT website.

Z97X-OC LN2 bBahkan Force for a more convincing world record speed of DDR3 RAM memory which is obtained by the Gigabyte is not a result that is obtained from BUG / Cheat. Gigabyte Party also released a video proving that the frequency of DDR3 RAM memory speeds they achieve to get a world record is a real speed using oscilloscope measurement tool that cost hundreds of thousands of U.S. $, or billions of dollars.