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Advantages and disadvantages of the DSLR vs. Mirrorless Camera

A few months back I had the opportunity to try a lot of variety both DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

When testing the mirrorless camera, I found the image quality of mirrorless cameras that have a lot of equivalent compared to a DSLR camera.

mirrorless cameraBut each has a different character. Maybe this information can help those who are still looking for a new digital camera or are considering moving the camera system.

Some of the things that makes me like using the camera mirrorless namely:

  • High portability: I can bring more lenses without objection. Usually when carrying a set of DSLR system, my bag weighs less than 5 kg. But with mirrorless, total weighing under 3 kg. 2 kg lighter significant when streets away and up the mountain.
  • When shooting street photography in the streets, or human interest, more people do not care so candid photograph better.
  • Mirrorless systems rely on live view and an electronic viewfinder. We can see clearly what the focus and not, can also see a dark light / exposure, histogram, color, special effects clearly. What is seen is what will be obtained. There is no guessing and surprised like in DSLR cameras.
  • High adaptability mirrorless camera, because we could use a long lens or a lens that is not semerek with the adapter. To manually focus more sophisticated than many DSLR cameras because mirrorless cameras have focus peaking feature
  • Can focus on any area, including the area to the edges of the photo frame with ease. In tiitk DSLR camera focus-point usually get together in the middle. Generation mirrorless camera autofocus speed in 2014 has also been rapid.
  • What I miss from the camera when using the camera mirrorless DSLR?
  • The optical viewfinder is more effective (clear, no glare, do not eat battery power) when shooting in extremely bright conditions and dark.
  • The handle is larger and in a more steady when held, especially when using a telephoto zoom lens. Although the current mirrorless cameras provide a wide range of accessories such as a battery grip or Leathercase which I find helpful.
  • Knobs and levers DSLR cameras are usually larger and easier to find and pressed.
  • The battery capacity is higher. One DSLR camera battery at full charge is usually sufficient for a day of sightseeing, while the need for the battery is approximately 2-3 mirrorless camera.
  • Heavy camera can sometimes help, especially when the camera is on a tripod and the wind is quite strong. DSLR camera that weighs heavier inertia is higher so the wind resistance.

From the above experience, I feel both types of cameras are complementary, no type is more superior than others. There is no harm in choosing the shape and specifications of the camera according to the preferences of each.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 Presents With LVF Features

Panasonic to re-add the collection line mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera is the latest of the series named GM Lumix DMC-GM5. Designed with a body that is compact and stylish, the Lumix DMC-GM5 has a pretty slim size, combined with a frame made ​​of magnesium alloy which gives the impression of quite sturdy and solid.

Equipped with Digital Live MOS sensor resolution of 16 megapixels and the Venus Engine processor, the Lumix DMC-GM5 able to perform the task of image rendering and color reproduction, so as to produce a very sharp image quality. In fact, this camera is able to produce reasonably good images in low light conditions at ISO sensitivity up to 25,600.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5This camera has been equipped with LVF (Live View Finder) which has a sharp resolution with 1,166K-dot quality with a fairly wide field of view. LVF permanently mounted on the Lumix DMC-GM5 has the exact same capabilities with other series Panasonic mirrorless camera, the Lumix DMC-GX7.

For those who like to capture the special moments with high speed, Lumix DMC-GM5 can do the task with the help of Contrast AF system. This system works by exchanging digital signals between the camera and the lens at the maximum shutter speed of 240fps. So Lumix DMC-GM5 object captures moving images at high speed and more accurate.

Various AF capability has equipped this camera, such as Face / Eye Detection AF, AF Low Light, plus Pinpoint AF and One-Shot AF to be able to maximize the use of the Lumix DMC-GM5 in a wide variety of shooting situations.

Additionally, the Lumix DMC-GM5 also can make video capture Full-HD high-resolution measuring 1920 × 1080, 60p in AVCHD progressive and MP4 format with stereo sound quality. In order for the results to a maximum video capture, this camera is equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen with high resolution 920K-dot.

Following the trend of today’s advanced digital cameras, Panasonic has equipped the WiFi connectivity on the Lumix DMC-GM5 for ease of sharing images via a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, this camera is also equipped with Instant Transfer feature that allows users to automatically transfer photos to a smartphone or tablet after the shooting.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 plan would go on sale in November and is priced at around $ 899 This price includes a 12-32mm sized lenses.

Panasonic’s smallest mirrorless Have Successor?

September 15, 2014 Panasonic is rumored to be releasing some new camera products. That said, the successor of his smallest mirrorless camera will take part in the event.

panasonic smallest mirrorlest camera

Is GM2 as the product in question. This series is the successor of the Panasonic GM1, which is touted as the micro four third interchangeable lens camera (ILC), the smallest in the world.

GM2 is said to have an electronic viewfinder (EVF) and a hot shoe, two features that are not available in GM1. Besides these two things, it looks like there will be no major changes in GM2, even sensor used was the same as its predecessor.

There is also the Panasonic LX100, a pocket camera with a micro four third format. Although classified as a pocket camera, LX100 is said to be equipped with the 24-74 lens f / 1.7 to 2.8.

In addition, this camera also can record 4K video, and has an integrated EVF. Although not yet confirmed, reportedly LX100 will use the same sensor with GH4, owned flagship Panasonic camera.

Panasonic had reportedly will release a new lens for micro four third camera line of his, which among other things is 35-100mm and 150mm f / 2.8.

Unique! Sony Camera Similar Perfume Bottle

Trends selfie, the term for the activity of self-portrait, has not subsided. Sony also responsive to make products to accommodate the rotating camera selfie, with a very unique shape like a bottle of perfume.

sony perfume bottle selfiecamera smartphoneSony will launch a series Cybershot cameras for the Chinese market with other forms of others. Reportedly, this camera will be introduced on 22 August.

The bottom part of the touch screen is quite large and the top is covered camera lens as close perfume. This camera can be rotated forward and backward with ease. For selfie, simply turn to the next.

With designs such as perfume bottles, it is clear that this new Cybershot cameras targeting women. Some photos leak also reveals the unique camera in the hands of women who look happy wearing it.

Reportedly, tangible Cybershot resolution perfume bottle will carry a resolution of 19 megapixels. The specifications have not been revealed.

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Price Cut

Actually, without any price discount Pocket Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera output has been relatively low for a video camera. That’s when weighing the video quality produced by the ‘pocket camera’ is.

pocket cinema cameraBut if that was not enough, Blackmagic Design has just circumcise Pocket Cinema Camera prices up by nearly half. If before the camera was sold at a price of USD 995, now costs just USD 495.

This rebate is only valid until August 31, after which the price will return to normal.

For the videographer who already have a collection of lenses or adapters for mounting the Micro Four Thirds, this rebate should be enough to attract attention.

The main advantage of the Pocket Cinema Camera is a high dynamic range, ie up to 13 stops. This can be achieved if the user record video in ProRes 422 format or CinemaDNG.

As the name implies, the Pocket Cinema Camera dimensions are very small when compared to other video cameras. Despite its small and weighs only 355 grams, it does not mean limited connectivity. Pocket Cinema Camera has a micro HDMI port, mic input, headphone port is also integrated in the body.

Duel Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera vs. Sony

Talking about mirrorless cameras, the longer the current trend is Sony and Fujifilm mirrorless camera. The second main difference is the design of the system.

Fuji camera adopts the design of analog cameras / film and rangefinder, where many tangible camera control wheel (dial), levers and buttons. While Sony is more modern and more like a DSLR camera but the shape is more compact and lighter.

camera mirrorlessProblem tactical control, Fuji has wheel / dial to set the ISO, and shutter speed that is above the camera, and the aperture is set by turning the aperture ring on the lens, just like the movie camera / analog. For those who frequently use the manual mode dial this will certainly help and feel enjoy to operate this camera.

Fuji has a collection of more lenses than Sony E lenses for mirrorless, but not yet complete. Most prices range between U.S. $ 6-12 million.

One that I often hear from the user’s friends Fuji is the process of JPG photo Fuji looks more natural and gives the impression of nostalgic films. Perhaps because the experience of Fuji that has been decades in the film era.

On the other hand, the Sony camera design looks more modern and more like a DSLR camera. Change the exposure settings like shutter speed and aperture using a dial wheel like a DSLR camera.

In some types of intermediate-advanced cameras such as A6000 and A7, many buttons that can be customized as desired and user habits