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Olympus OM-D E-M10: An E-M5 A More Affordable

Olympus mirrorless room again enliven the market by introducing the “sister” of the OM-D E-M5. The camera holds the name of the OM-D E-M10 is visible at a glance no different from the “sister”, though so do not judge a book by its cover. Let us know in more remote newest member of the OM-D alignment of this series.

NC_F10_SLV_tiltlowside_M1442EZ_BLKThe new camera was reported carrying some of the key features as follows:

  • Four Thirds 16 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Twin control dials
  • Built-in flash
  • 8 fps Continous shooting
  • 1.04M dot tilting LCD touchscreen
  • Wi-fi connection
  • ‘3-Axis’ image stabilization

If look closely at the specifications on the sister inherits some features of his elder brother, but also presents a number of new features. Physically, this camera is not significantly different from the E-M10, Olympus does not seem to want to change the layout of the camera is quite successful at first. Using the same sensor with E-M10 makes this camera inherits the characteristics of its predecessors in terms of image quality.

NC_F10_SLV_topImage processor that is carried by the E-M10 is one of the new things from this camera. If the previous E-M5 uses TruePic VI, then E-M10 uses a new processor TruePic name VII. In addition there is also increasing the screen resolution of the back of the E-M5 which is only 614k dot dot be 1.04m. The ability of the video already increased intake of a 1080/30p 1080/60i MOV. The biggest change is that the E-M10 does not have weather sealing as owned by EM-5.

OM-D E-M10 is touted as an E-M5 stripped of several features that make this camera more affordable. That statement does not make this camera a camera that was lame. Visible features a “cut” it matters rarely used or needed. But cutting feature weather sealing a move that could make a lot away from the camera, but it is a step that must be done to lower the price. Olympus camera presents new works pretty affordable with essential features remain abundant.