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Sony Working on Mobile Octa Core?

Approaching the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is getting close to a variety of technology issues faster and faster blowing. One of them comes from Sony is reportedly preparing octa-core mobile processor armed.

Although still issues, but leaked specifications were already circulating. That said, Sony will rely octa-core processor made ​​by MediaTek as the source.

sony octa coreAs reported earlier, one of the officials said MediaTek is octa-core processor garapannya will start flooding the market early 2014.

When referring to the CES 2014 event which will take place in early January, officials disclosed what the issue of the emergence of MediaTek and octa-core phone Sony at the annual event was deemed fit.

Moreover, the alleged leaked benchmark results as octa-core phone Sony also began to appear. code named Sony D5303, mentioned phones will use a 6-inch landscape display is successful in getting AnTuTu score of 30 145 points.

Indeed, when compared to its competitors claim quad-core processor, the score of the competition, filmed MediaTek chips are still somewhat below it. But for business power consumption, despite carrying the octa-core technology, MediaTek claims processors more power efficient.