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This device Change Water Becomes Wine

A new technology allows the discovery of water changed into wine or wine. Just need to add some other ingredients, and the wine was finished within three days.

The Miracle Machine, the name of the device, claimed to take a fairly low cost in its development.

Miracle MachineBut the developers of these tools not to mention in detail. They just give you an idea, to make wine normally need at least U.S. $ 20 or about USD 227 thousand.

Shaped like vessel used in chemical laboratories, Miracle Machine has a kind of fermentation chambers. These sections will change the mixture of water, grape juice, yeast and finishing powder into wine.

This chamber has a sensor, transducer, heater and pump to provide a suitable environment for the primary and secondary stages of fermentation.

In addition to the tool, the developers also create an application that is used in smartphones or tablets. This application is connected to the Miracle Machine via Bluetooth to monitor the progress of the process of making wine.

This application can also be used to choose the flavors to taste the wine maker. Through the application, the creator will be notified of any material that needs to be added to create the desired wine. For example, finishing powder right dose, will make the wine taste like already have gone through the process of fermentation for years.