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Microsoft Corp will buy LinkedIn Corp. for US $ 26.2 billion


Microsoft Corp will buy LinkedIn Corp. for US $ 26.2 billion. The purchase plan is the largest corporate action in the technology sector. The acquisition plan encourages LinkedIn shares rose while Microsoft declined earlier this week.


In trading on Monday (Tuesday morning GMT), LinkedIn shares jumped 47 percent to US $ 192.21 New York time. LinkedIn shares rise the most since 2011. Shares of LinkedIn has slumped 42 percent this year as investors began to doubt the company’s future prospects.

Meanwhile, Microsoft shares fell 2.6 percent to US $ 50.14 in first this week. Twitter shares too jumped on speculation that Twitter will become the next acquisition target. Twitter shares rose 3.8 percent to US $ 14.55.

LinkedIn stock purchases represented the purchase of approximately US $ 196 per share. The share price is quite premium with an increase of almost 50 per cent of the market value of LinkedIn shares at the close of trading last Friday. However, the figure is still below the social media of the highest shares in the range of US $ 270.

LinkedIn share purchase was considered a bold step undertaken Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is trying to make the company’s software to continue to lead in next-generation computing.

By connecting the software Microsoft Word and PowerPoint with your LinkedIn network of approximately 433 million professionals who can add to make the combination of sales, marketing and recruitment services as its core business products. This is potentially a challenging competitor cloud software like Salesforce.com.Inc future.

“LinkedIn and Microsoft share a mission of helping people to work more efficiently. There is no better way to achieve that mission than to connect professionals in the world,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Meanwhile, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Microsoft Amy Hood said LinkedIn’s stock purchases will be financed by debt. It is also as a way to reduce the tax bill. The Company had funds of approximately US $ 105 billion in cash and other liquid assets.

Microsoft also said LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner will remain in his position in the company. Microsoft also will operate LinkedIn as a separate unit, and retains its name.

Nevertheless, the agreement would require approval from regulators United States (US), European Union, Canada and Brazil. In the process of this stock purchase, Microsoft assisted by Morgan Stanley. While financial advisor LinkedIn by Allen and Company LLC and Qatalist Partners.

Corporate action plan of this technology is considered to provide optimistic than one mega corporate mergers to succeed. “It’s a big growth for Microsoft,” said Forrester analyst Ted Schadler.

Morningstar analyst Rodney Nelson assess LinkedIn stock purchases by Microsoft can deliver new services and products that are useful for workers and the role of human resources (HR) going forward.

While Madrona Ventures Portfolio Manager Matt Mcllwain said that Microsoft buy LinkedIn as an opportunity to take advantage of the capabilities of each and combine to produce something strong and complementary.

“The future of productivity around people, identities, data and relationships between them,” said Mcllwain.

On the other hand there are also analysts pessimistic about the impact of the purchase of shares LinkedIn by Microsoft. Scott Kessler, an analyst at S & P Global Capital said that large transactions were also still requires work to be done.

Microsoft will use LinkedIn as a database of information professionals and distribution channels for software systems. While LinkedIn gain additional financing and access to millions of people, potentially combining networks.

Microsoft noted that the agreement would help the large increase in new customers. The total potential productivity of Microsoft’s market reached US $ 315 billion, up from US $ 200 billion without LinkedIn.

Not only that, for Microsoft, LinkedIn agreement into an opportunity to reverse a poor track record of acquisitions, including paying US $ 9.4 billion of HP manufacturer Nokia in 2014, and the business network Yammer approximately US $ 1.2 billion in 2012. In addition, Skype for US $ 8.5 billion.

Microsoft introduced a 3D communication via HoloLens

3D communication via HoloLens

For those of you who have seen the Star Wars movies may already be familiar with 3D hologram message that is sent through the droid R2-D2 or BB-8. On the other hand, maybe not a few who feel that communications technology is only in the film.

3D communication via HoloLens

However, today in fact one of the famous technology company, Microsoft, has successfully developed similar technology. Microsoft has just introduced a new communications technology called ‘Holoportation’.

Although no intact as in the movie Star Wars, this technology allows users to communicate with others via a 3D hologram technology. So, two people from different places can communicate directly and as if it were in the same place.

To do so, the project which was launched by Microsoft Research’s Interactive 3D, users should use the augmented reality HoloLens. Thus, the user will see a person in the form of a 3D hologram of the display in HoloLens.

In addition, to provide a better experience, Microsoft is also preparing completeness camera that allows users to see, hear, and interact with other people holograms in real-time.

Not just to communicate instantly, Holoportation also allows users to record conversations via hologram had to watch at a later time. In fact, users can also change the size of the hologram is displayed and adjusted as required.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not revealed more information about the completeness of the camera used. However, some have referred to Microsoft’s technology is promising, because it is able to bring a new way of communicating that do not simply rely on video only.

In addition, although still in the development stage HoloLens Project Director Alex Kipman already using Holoportation for practical purposes. On one occasion, Kipman invite a NASA scientist Jeff Norris to talk about HoloLens of a separate place through technology Holoportation.

For your information, HoloLens is Microsoft’s augmented reality device that has been sold since March 20 last. However, for now Microsoft has introduced HoloLens aimed at the needs of application developers. At the inaugural device, Microsoft equip HoloLens with some programs, such as Holo Studio, Skype, and Holo Tour.

5 Attractive Features in Windows 10

advantages windows 10

Microsoft said Windows users who want to desire OS restore his trademark. Yes, in the Windows 10 start button finally back to the function and design are much more beautiful. Not only that, a lot of other interesting things in Windows 10. Anything?

advantages windows 10

Windows 10 itself has just been officially launched by Microsoft July 29 yesterday. Indonesia become the fifth country to be visited to Microsoft’s brand-new OS. The software giant also eliminate Windows 10 for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Than its predecessor, Microsoft brings significant changes in Windows 10. Now, by default, Windows 10 will invite users to view the desktop, which is already familiar to millions of users of Windows for a long time. Start button which is characteristic of Windows also appear again.

A myriad of other features are also ready to pamper 10 users, ranging from digital assistant feature, multiple desktops, Microsoft’s latest browser Edge, tablet mode, and others. Curious what? Here’s the summary.

1. Start button

Start button seemed to have become inseparable part of the Windows OS. Could be eliminated, the feature is now finally back on Windows 10. But do not imagine such a conventional start button menu in Windows 7, because Windows 10 menu is much cooler.

When clicked, the menu display start button is now more like the start screen belongs to Windows 10. In the start menu the user can personalize it as needed. Its design was stylish plaid style Windows 8 start screen.

The boxes were actually representing this application can be arranged. Size can be blown out of reduce, then the application can also be determined which one wants to be in the start menu button.

According to Andreas Diantoro, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia, the presence of the start button in Windows 10 OS make it more familiar to users. In addition, Andrew also claims Windows 10 can run a variety of applications that actually created for the previous Windows OS, which is where the excess is making users more easily use it.

2. Hello Cortana

Features digital assistants indeed ordinary sound in mobile phones, but not so in the PC operating system. Yes, for the first time the PC operating system finally has a feature digital assistants who carried off by Windows 10.

Cortana, as Microsoft calls it. This feature actually has long been present in Windows Phone. Using this feature of Windows 10 users can run something in the OS just by saying it.

Shuffle my songs, for example, commands that we say to Cortana. A moment later digital assistants will automatically launch the music collection stored on the computer. Oh yes, but be sure say Hello Cortana first before asking for help to Cortana.

Cortana is a feature that is suitable for people who are lonely, Andreas joked on stage the release of Windows 10. But the talk is actually not limited to joke, according to Andreas, Cortana has the ability to recognize the behavior of its users. So the more often Cortana used, the more familiar with the habits of its users Cortana.

Cortana be seconded search for any existing Windows 10, both on the local computer, for example, search for files, or asked for help finding information on the Internet. Funny anymore, Cortana could also be invited to play. For example say, tell me a joke, then Cortana will give users a joke.

Affectionate joke is that the English language, so that when the less familiar will feel crisp. Maybe when it will already be Indonesian Cortana will be more attractive.

3. Continuum

Other features in Windows 10 is no less interesting is the Continuum or it could also be regarded as tablet mode. So this feature can make a Windows 10-based computer users know to use a PC or tablet.

This feature is very useful when users use notebook type of hybrid. When functioning as a notebook, the appearance of Windows 10 are in the desktop mode. But if the functioning of its hybrid notebook as a tablet, Windows 10 will automatically change the zoom so the touch screen friendly.

If noted, when the display mode Continuum Windows 10 so as Windows 8 that is optimized for touch screen devices. With so users so much easier to use than a desktop PC-style display.

Continuum mode will take effect automatically when the user remove the keyboard from the screen notebook hybrid. Thus even when the user prefer a tablet mode manually, the options can be accessed via the menu.

4. Virtual Desktop

Headache because most of the icons on the desktop or most of the tab on the taskbar? This kind of problem can now be easily resolved in Windows 10. There is a feature named Virtual desktop. So in Windows 10, users can have more than one desktop view.

Users can personalize each desktop display as needed. For example, the first desktop display contents are numerous applications for the job, while the second is for entertainment or multimedia, while the third was a special game.

So users will not be further complicated because there are too many tabs in the taskbar. The issue bejibunnya icon on the desktop screen will also be resolved with virtual desktops, because each one would have a desktop view of each designation.

5. Microsoft Edge

In lieu browser Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft is boasting Microsoft Edge. Glance browser view is not too different from IE, but there are features that are not owned by Microsoft’s older browsers.

One is the ability circling objects by taking it off directly in the browser screen, or even write a message. This excess is believed to help users if you want to share specific information about websites being opened.

The next object that has been circled on the website can be instantly shared via email or other services. Lucky Gani as the Windows Business Group Lead Microsoft Indonesia, at the launch of Windows 10 and then demonstrate the feature.

Lucky for instance want to ask for help his wife buy something over the internet. In order for items to be purchased can be conveyed clearly to his wife, Lucky then circle the number of the desired item, then sends an email to his wife.

Another advantage Microsoft Edge is already buried Cortana. So if lazy typing to search for something, users simply say only, Cortana will find on the internet.

How to Multitasking in Windows 10?

windows 10 features

Within days, Microsoft will officially release Windows 10. The operating system is going to bring a lot of updates, one of which claimed to multitasking capabilities more qualified.

windows 10 features

The company founded by Bill Gates showed off the capabilities in a video released today. In the video, Microsoft highlight three main features of multitasking capabilities of Windows 10, the Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist.

Snap Assist helps users manage the screen with ease. Windows users often open many applications at once. With this feature, the user can display four application windows simultaneously on one screen.

Users can simply drag the application window to the corners of the screen only. Windows 10 would even suggest how to fill out each section. Task View itself simplify desktop management. Users can create a virtual desktop to expand the work area.

This feature helps users working on multiple tasks, but do not want mixed. So it can be sorted out and placed in a different desktop screen without having to use additional devices.

While the Action Center itself puts all the notifications and a few settings. So users can do tasks quickly, such as replying to emails or adjust the brightness of the screen without having to open the application.

These three features above will directly sampled current users of Windows 10 officially launched next July 29. Windows 7 and 8 users can update for free.

Windows Phone Safer than Android & iOS

windows phone

Compared to Android, many who call that iOS is stronger in terms of security. But there was a more secure again, the Windows Phone.

windows phone

As stated by Eugene Kaspersky, founder and boss of Kaspersky Lab in a conference in Australia. He said, Windows Phone is a platform that is more secure than Android or iOS.

In fact, according to him, iOS is actually more vulnerable to burglary, although the system is supposed to be more secure. “Criminals more obsessed with iOS, and in situ (iOS-ed) there are many security loopholes,” said Kaspersky.

Worse yet, if there is a security hole was disclosed IOS device is infected, there is no third-party antivirus can fix it, because Apple does not allow developers to create antivirus.

Android was not better, because according to Kaspersky, green robot OS logo that get millions brutal attack at any time. And until now, Windows Phone is still very clean from such attacks.

Kaspersky said that the mobile platform as the three above OS should get more attention, because 97% of users engage in activities that use passwords, such as mobile banking. And that is the main attraction for criminals.

Kaspersky has the ultimate trick that mobile devices do not become a target for criminals, which disconnects the device to the internet.

It was practiced by the Russian security experts in their everyday lives. He still using feature phones made by Sony Ericsson as a cell phone. He does have an Android tablet, which is only used as a means of entertainment when he was traveling.

Microsoft Releases Games for Windows 10 & Xbox One

The latest game titles, Gigantic will be launched for the latest OS, Windows 10. This game also supports cross-play with the Xbox One.

new game xbox

“We partnered with Microsoft to publish Gigantic in Windows 10 and Xbox One,” said developer Motiga. Gigantic is a shooter game and prioritize the elements of strategy and cooperation to defeat the opposing team.

Each team has a Guardian and the game can be won if players managed to defeat the enemy’s Guardian. Guardian owned games should be kept alive so that the game continues.

The Guardian or heroes have special abilities that can deliver a shock to the opposing team. Battle brings the best elements of tactics and skills potentially win the game.

“We are pleased to partner with Motiga to bring Gigantic into Windows 10 and the Xbox One,” said Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. Furthermore, Spencer said he saw a way to bring new, innovative experience for gamers.

Gigantic gameplay Motiga calls made to the world of mystery in the game, battle tactics and kemampua best players. Unknown when the release date for the game Gigantic.