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Worst hacker attacks in various countries

Worst hacker attacks

Fears the government in a number of countries over hacker attacks that would cripple critical infrastructure occurred in December 2015, when a further constant threat (advanced persistent threat, APT) attacks on the government of Ukraine.

Worst hacker attacks

The incident became the first cyber intrusion drop and turn off the power of a nation.

Using BlackEnergy malware, hackers remotely disconnect the power 225,000 users and flooded customer service with numerous phone calls to prevent the original customer calls.

In 2015 alone, the government of the United States, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Turkey became prey to DDoS attacks, which intends to create chaos and disrupt operations.

In January 2015 in Thailand, some demonstrators angry about the government’s court verdict and launch malicious attacks against 300 government websites.

In the same month, hackers affiliated with Anonymous also initiated a similar attack against the government of Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

Web applications and virtual DDoS violations that exploit vulnerabilities in the public sector has become more frequent and damaging.

Global risk consultancy Control Risks (Control Risks Global Risk Consulting) in the map for 2016. The annual risk report said a third of the 36 percent of cyber attacks now targeting the government sector.

DDoS attacks are becoming a weapon of destruction to digital extortionists and terrorists. DDoS attacks come in different forms.

Some of them are intended to disrupt the system, while others flood the system with requests for multiple resources (bandwidth, processor time, disk space, etc.).

In Asia, the faster the APT attacks. Territorial dispute between China, India and Southeast Asian countries continues to increase.

The hacker group known as APT 30 in recent years have been using modular malware to obtain sensitive data from their targets, including government classified secret network.

Some cyber attacks consist of emails written in the language of the recipient containing documents looks legal, but contain malware.

The attackers also made Encryption worm-like, which is attached to the hardware, such as USB thumb drives and hard disks. Once these components are in contact with other systems, such attacks would spread.

Protection against DDoS and risk APT

Derek Manky, Global Security Strategist of Fortinet said a comprehensive approach and multi-layered is one of the best ways to improve the defense of cyber threats.

Effective defense is often found when building a cohesive framework of protection and additional protection.

This framework, he added, is very important because it combines the capabilities of today’s security – technology that began to emerge and have a learning mechanism – creating a follow-up of security intelligence of the new threats detected.

Other measures include the environmental aspects of the network and devise response plans. It’s important to secure the potential narrowing, network monitoring, and make sure they go beyond major attacks and mitigation plan.

It aims to complete removal of all DDoS traffic, the strategy should seek to maintain services – especially essential services – with little disruption.

Detailed plans should include backup and recovery, additional oversight, as well as ways to restore service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A multi-layer strategy for DDoS protection also involves a dedicated on-premise solutions that are designed to maintain and reduce the threat from all corners of the network.

“IT administrators need to remember that it is not necessary for every employee to have access to certain resources that may contain sensitive data. By limiting access whenever possible, the organization can reduce a lot of attacks,” he added.

Governments need to carefully

A strong partnership with the service provider of security, said Manky also important. Partners can provide information up-to-date and threat intelligence to the IT staff, and determine when an incident reporting channel is detected.

The government agency also should partner proactive cyber security organizations and solution providers to share threat information, so that collectively, the industry can have a more comprehensive view of the global cyber threat landscape and respond better to attack.

Lastly, although the assessment and comprehensive plan can be developed, educate government officials on cyber threats is very important.

Employees with access to sensitive information should be specially trained to know how to handle such data. For example, limiting employee access to the USB drive is a good option to protect the network.

Because, APTs, worm outbreaks, DDoS, botnets, or inbound and outbound attacks today are more sophisticated and intrusive.

“Governments need to carefully consider their security posture, proactive and adopt a multi-layered approach to minimize the risks they face,” Manky lid.

Sugar can be used as a source of battery power

source battery

Sugar has long been known as a sweetening foods or drinks, but recently a group of researchers managed to develop sugar for other purposes. Is a group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is doing research for sugar used as a source of battery power.

source battery

Researchers use carbon nanotubes to heat the sugar and produce energy. As a result, the process proved to have similar outputs with battery commonly used in modern electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

To do this, called The thermopower battery Wave (TPW) is using sugar to heat the heap nanotubes. After that, the results of this heat will push the tube in it and turn it into electricity as it is today.

In addition to sugar, the researchers predicted there are several other heat sources that can be used for more efficient than sugar. But from the calculation, the efficiency of the sugar in the battery in the trial had a value which is not far from the actual battery, which is up to about 1 percent.

In the test phase when the new TPW batteries used to charge the LED lights, but most likely this battery can change the future. In fact, this battery can be more useful than regular batteries for special purposes, such as charging the shuttles are eligible when space missions.

This is possible because in general the batteries can store up fuel will gradually lose power. Instead, the sugar will only be used when absolutely necessary, such as when the aircraft approached landing destination.

In addition, the use of battery-powered sugar can be designed according to the needs, such as for charging the wearable device. Not only that, the battery using this technology can also deliver power in large enough quantities when needed.

Note, however, this technology is still in the development stage and needs to be refined. One problem that needs to be resolved is access to sugar at any time when the main fuel is spent.

Sony Earphone Functioning as a Personal Assistant

earphone sony

On the mat Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, Sony not only introduce the latest smartphone from the Xperia series. Japanese companies today are also carrying a bluetooth earphone that can function like a personal assistant.

earphone sony

These earphones can help users get information about the schedule of activities, the weather, the latest news and updates directly without the need to open the smartphone. In addition, the device can also be controlled via voice commands to do some things, such as calling, writing a message, or ask for directions.

To be able to connect with a smartphone, called Xperia Ear devices equipped with NFC and Bluetooth support. This device can also be controlled through the application pre-installed on the smartphone.

Not only that, Sony also equip Xperia Ear with a special case that serves as a charger. With a full charge, the Xperia Ear expected to be used up to four hours.

Sony Xperia Ear calls will soon be gliding in the middle of this year. Unfortunately, no further information regarding the price tag of the device.

In addition Ear Xperia, Sony also introduced three new device concepts, namely Xperia Eye, Projector Xperia and Xperia Agent. Xperia Eye is a 360-degree camera with video recording capability in a long time.

Meanwhile, two other devices are projected as a support function Xperia Ear. As the name implies, Xperia Projector is a device that can project the image onto a wall or other flat surface. Not only that, users are also allowed to interact with the image display.

Then for Xperia Agent, the device is described as a small robot that acts like a personal assistant. This device can function like a camera and projector and able to provide information that best suits the user. In addition, the device can also be controlled using voice and connect with other smart devices.

Print Your Photo and Make Memory in Simple Ways


These days, you don’t need to visit photo printing administrations to print your photographs and save your valuable memory. There are numerous ways you can choose to print photo and save your memory and minute with your family or your companions. Today, I will give you an orderly guide on the most proficient method to print photo easily.


The principal technique is by print your photographs in your own home. You can utilize an inkjet printer or Ciss for HP to print your photographs. Ensure that you utilize Ciss printer that skilled to delivering superb prints, ensure that you are additionally giving photo paper to be printed. Printers that intended for photographs printing are generally have bigger picture show, at some point work without pc and have in printer altering apparatuses so you can alter the photo easily utilizing printer. Ensure that you know the size paper to print as indicated by your needs, normally 4 inch x 6 inch and 5 inch x 7 inch is perfect size for photo collection and scrapbook. You might likewise choose 8.5 inch x 11 inch or 8 inch x 10 inch paper for showing greater picture. Photo paper is likewise having diverse completion you can choose, you can choose gleaming, matte or some other completion.

The following technique is printing your photographs utilizing online vendor. You may need to make a record with a trustworthy photo printing organization. I recommend you to choose snapfish as the best and trusted photo printing vendor. You should do nothing more than transfer your photographs to your new record and choose how the photograph will be printed, choose the size and the amount of the photographs. Ensure that you check the expense for your purchase and ensure that you calculate shipping cost, and whatever other expense. You might need to consider purchasing Ciss HP to make your photo making cheaper.

Equipped Drone World’s Smallest Camera Features

smallest drone

Axis vidios claimed as the world’s smallest drone. Devices with this camera has a size of 1.5 square inches.

smallest drone

Despite its small size and can be grasped by the hand, Axis Vidius can record 420p image. Latest drone is also equipped with features video streaming, WiFi and can fly for five to seven minutes.

Vidius controller comes with 2.4 GHz and can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. This brand-new device reportedly began entering the stage of pre-orders with shipments on January 29, 2015.

Prior to January 7, the drone is priced at USD75. Passing from January 7, Axis Vidius sold for USD95.
Because of its small and weighs less than 0.55 pounds, users do not need to register with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. As is known, the FAA launched an online registration drones last December.

FAA encourages pilots and drone owners to register their devices until February 19 at a cost of $ 5 per registration. Drone registration program in the first day to the second record as many as 45 thousand applicants.

Fitness equipment Utilizing Virtual Reality Technology


Only use virtual technology to play a game or watch a movie instead? Well, try this one tool, because in addition to fun, the benefits to the body will feel.


A StartUp named Icaros GmbH headquartered in Munich, Germany, has released a tool called Icaros. As reported by Gizmag on Wednesday (23.12.15), the Icaros is a fitness tool.

Unlike fitness tool that has been widely circulated in the market, Icaros technology combines the virtual with the real world. The idea of ​​making this tool is based on the number VR game that began circulating in the market.

Use or Samsung Oculus Rift VR gear while wearing Icaros, sporting events you will be more exciting and enjoyable. Icaros designed by HYVE Innovation Design using carbon fiber materials.

Fitness equipment is also very easy to integrate with a PC or smartphone. Ergonomic design allows users to move the body to balance, concentration and reflexes remain intact.