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Hands On Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Screen High Resolution and Fast!

A few days ago, Samsung officially launched their latest tablet that has a screen with high resolution. Bringing Galaxy S name, the device is referred to as the flagship of the Samsung tablet. Therefore, on July 3, 2014, Samsung invites journalists to do the hands on the latest product in a hotel in numbers SCBD.

The screen used on the Samsung Galaxy S is very good for the size of an Android tablet. Technology Super AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) is already highly developed so that the colors shown much better .. The screen used on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S measuring 8.4 “and 10.5” both have a resolution of 2560 × 1600 has a 100,000:1 contrast ratio levels.

samsung galaxy tab s reviewsFor hardware specifications both tablet devices with a thinness of 6.6 mm, equivalent to 5 pieces of the credit card. In addition to favor the specification, Samsung also provide premium contents. In addition, Samsung also provide content in the form of Galaxy Global Gift at a price of $ 1,000-an, thus adding to the value of the Galaxy Tab S itself.

In terms of features the software, not Samsung’s name if you do not provide a myriad of applications that are very useful. Samsung emphasizes multitasking functionality by providing a multi-window. With this tablet, users can make voice calls while opening the internet browser. Voice calls can also be made from any smartphone Galaxy Note S5 or 3 that are connected to S via the application SideSync Tab 3.0. For security, the Samsung also has provided multi user mode up to 8 users that content is owned by the parent are not seen by their children. And of course, the finger scanner that can be used to shop online.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S – 5 Credit Card

Leaked given by Samsung is the price of the tablet is set quite high. The plan, the price of which is sized 8.4-inch tablet will be in the range of six millions. As for the 10.5-inch size would cost in the range of eight million.

So curious about the results of the benchmark? Although presented is a tablet with a non-retail version, we had to do some benchmarks. The result? If we get the result that this is a beta version, of course, the original version will be even higher. Here are the results:

Antutu Benchmark 4.0: 34 313

Quadrant Standard: 19 407

Linpack Single Thread: 436 632 MFLOPS

Linpack Multi-Thread: 780 864 MFLOPS