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New Format, Facebook Ads Appear ‘Width’

Finding something different to look up now? Facebook is just applying a new ad formats on its website. With the new design, Facebook expands coverage of the ads to the audience.

new format ads facebookThis change can be felt on the desktop Facebook users. The most visible of these changes is the emergence of more number of ads in the right column. The new format also create ads that appear in your News Feed looks ‘wide’.

In a statement through a blog post, Facebook said that the ad links in the new format will visually appear consistent with the advertising that appears in the user’s News Feed.

“They will use the same proportion as the advertising News Feed desktop. They appear in larger size,” said Facebook as reported by Smart Company.

“For advertisers, this format offers a much simpler way of creating advertising and increase the creativity of advertising in the right hand column of Facebook,” Facebook added.

In addition to the new advertising formats, Facebook also will expand the capabilities of the tool Lookalike Audiences. There will be new features that allow businesses to target a new audience that has the same profile with their existing customers.