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U.S. Army Test Google Advanced Robot Big Dog

Big Dog is made ​​in advanced military robots Boston Dynamics, the company that has now been acquired by Google. After several years of development, the Big Dog recently tested toughened by the U.S. Army (USA).

Big Dog SoftwareBig Dog is designed capable of carrying heavy loads and capable of running on rough terrain. Even when no slip, the robot is able to balance itself quickly so as not to fall.

Some U.S. troops tested the robot on-site training Kahuku Training Area. Big Dog is operated by remote control by controlling a soldier named Brandon Dieckman.

I was surprised at how well the robot is working. I think it would be easy to fall, but apparently not. He can roam almost anywhere.

“We gave the military the opportunity to try it out so we can see how they use them. We can develop better,” said Ben Spies from Boston Dynamics”. Said Ben Spies From Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics which Google acquired in late 2013 and did not make robots for the commercial market. They earn millions of dollars of contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense.