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Improve Encryption, Apple hired professional security experts

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Some time ago Apple rejected pressure from US law enforcement to unlock encrypted iPhone 5c belonging to terrorists San Bernardino.

apple iphone device

This month, the company is headquartered in Cupertino that employ a security expert who was given the task of strengthening the security features in Apple products.

A guy named John Callas was the founder of several companies such as PGPCorp communications security, Silent Circle, and Blackphone. A spokesman for Apple reveal, Callas began to join Apple in May of this. Actually Callas was once worked at Apple in the 1990s and between 2009 and 2011. At that time, he designed an encryption system to protect data storage on a Macintosh computer.

Even so, Apple does not disclose details on what position Callas will work. Callas himself refused to comment on this.

Previously, Apple had an argument with the US government over whether the company should facilitate access of law enforcement in relation to encrypting customer information stored in iPhone devices.

In the case of the shooting in San Bernardino, Apple refused to cooperate with the FBI and the government. Finally, the government is authorized to use the services of third parties to dismantle the encryption Apple.

Both the FBI and law enforcement alike asked technology companies to help the government in an effort to catch criminals. In response, Apple and other technology companies said that the opening of the encryption efforts it will endanger the continuation of the product and makes it vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Meanwhile, unknown Callas was an opponent of coercion by the government to the company technology to unlock the encryption products.

Apple itself has previously said that the company will improve the security of its products, as was done by WhatsApp encrypt messages so that more private and closed.

9 Tips to Improve Performance Old iPhone

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If you have not felt the need to replace your iPhone with the latest series that recently introduced, you are still ‘tinkering’ of your iPhone that performance was no less great than the latest series of iPhone. Here are 9 tips to improve the performance of the old iPhone.

performance iphone

1. Remove or reinstall an application that takes up a lot of disk space

First, if you’re not too often use an application, you can remove it. From all the applications you use frequently enough, there may be among them who have a lot of data that is actually not important.

By opening the tab usage (usage) in the general settings (general settings), you can see which applications are most frequently used. It seems clear that the application of photos, music, and podcasts takes up a lot of disk space. But the disk space consumed by applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram maybe more.

From time to time, your iPhone might automatically perform “cleansing,” in which the cache (cache) of an application is removed. You can also proactively clean up the data that is not needed. Remove and then reinstall the application will make your iPhone back clean and empty shelf space.

2. Disable location services to applications that do not require GPS

Although you can enable features to geo tag your tweets on Twitter, disable access to most GPS applications can help the battery power and the speed of your iPhone.

In the iPhone menu, service location (Location Service) can be found in the privacy settings, you can choose which application uses GPS and how often an application is used. GPS is useful for maps, weather applications, and location-based apps such as Yelp. But you probably do not need to allow Dropbox to know where you are.

3. Reduce iOS animated features such as Parallax and increase contrast

The latest version of iOS has some interesting features such as Parallax, which makes shifting backdrop iPhone when you move your iPhone. But the aesthetic feature is not very useful.

Turning off these features will free up a bit of processing power and extend battery power. Simply go to the panel accessibility (accessibility) in the general settings, select ‘Reduce Movements’ or ‘Reduce Motion’. In the same menu, there is an option ‘Increase Contrast or “Increase Contrast’ which will take you to some of the graphic settings options.

4. Replace the casing

If you’re one of those people who simply ‘just wanted to’ taste of casing design Jony Ive third party, you may want to budget more money. Buying a new casing and use it on your iPhone much better.

5. Clean your photos and videos

The downside of a camera like the iPhone is a high-quality image capture of fast hard drives meet. So, diligent back up photos and videos, as well as remove them from your iPhone is a must, especially video, because video takes up a lot of space.

6. Turn off the ‘Background App Refresh’

If you frequently open many applications and do not close it again, the applications that might still be running, even if you do not use them. While you can close them one by one, the better you disable the “Background App Refresh,” which you can find in the general settings.

However, allowing a number of specific applications running in the background, such as Google Maps or Spotify, is also very useful. Disabling the application refreshment is not too make a big difference, but for the old iPhone, it’s worth a try.

7. Delete the old text messages

Although not exactly the same as removing and reinstalling an app, you can delete old text messages, which take up a large amount of storage space on your iPhone. If you do not want to do this yourself, you can also set the text message on your iPhone is removed after 30 days.

8. Restore

If you’ve tried everything, but keep your old phone does not increase quickly, maybe you should consider to restore it to its factory settings (factory reset, restore). Restore is likely to eliminate most of the complaints that you feel when you use your iPhone.

This step will really clean up, remove and reset the hard drive and RAM of your iPhone. However, please note, this step will not improve battery life.

9. Updating to iOS 9

Many users have reported that the IOS 9 newly released 16 of September, optimized for the iPhone older, and the size of 1.3GB file update to IOS 9 with 4.5 GB for iOS 8 necessarily indicate that the report was true.

In addition to freeing up more space, the new IOS also added features such as low power mode that saves battery power. In addition, the operating system also features ad-blocking (ads-blocking) that inhibits surfing speed, plus the ability to ensure application duplicates are combined into one.

Of course, there are still a number of uncertainties about the update older devices, especially devices as old as the iPhone 4S. If your phone is working properly, you may not need to perform this update.

Got Over 10 Million Subscribers, Apple Music Threatens Spotify

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Had left millions of customers while testing is completed, now Apple Music has been gaining momentum back. Even the growing population and were able to beat the performance of the early competitors is Spotify.

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In the early days of his presence, Apple Music is indeed a positive response. No less than 15 million customers to try the service for three months. But when the trial period is completed, the service left a lot of customers.

A total of 8.5 million users of Apple Music in the trial period do not want to subscribe. Leaving only 6.5 million paying subscribers in October.

Currently slowly Apple Music continues to increase subscribers. In a recent report stated that the digital music streaming service has grossed 10 million paying subscribers in the first six months. The amount is even able to beat the achievement of Spotify

However, if the number of paying subscribers totaled Spotify is still on top Apple Music. Carrying up to now, the music service founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon it has 20 million paying subscribers.

Although closed to within 10 million subscribers, many predicted Apple would be able to overtake Spotify Music. Mark Mulligan of them, Midia Research analyst, said Apple has the potential to become a leader in the service of music in 2017.

That belief is based on the number of collections owned by the musicians as well as support for Apple Music. Plus the music streaming service has penetrated Android platfrom, which would make it more popular.

Google Maps on iOS is now also able to show where a full shop

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Over time, the Google Maps application is also more and more alone. It is not separated from the development of its own Google Maps that provide novelty to be more user friendly.

google maps ios

If you are a user of IOS-based handset, the latest features of Google Maps can be enjoyed. Google Maps has added a new feature for users of iOS.

Not only can show which roads are being solid, Google Maps on iOS also will notify users any place that was crowded with visitors. Not only the store, Google Maps also can detect coffee shops, restaurants, grocery store, or even a gym.

These reforms also include informing the price of fuel when you are near gas pumps. This program actually started to run by Google since last July to look for a business that is quite popular.

In September, Google released a similar feature on Google Maps for Android users. As for those who use handsets based on iOS, this feature is now also can be used.

Game Test Results in Four Fastest Smartphone

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iPhone 6 Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and the Nexus 6 is arguably the top four smartphone series that became the mainstay of the respective manufacturers.

iphone games

Which among them the most qualified when invited to play games? This is trying to look for the answer by GameBench benchmarking software maker.

In a report IB Times, GameBench run 10 popular mobile game titles are voracious resource in a fourth mobile phone, including GTA: San Andreas, Monument Valley, and Marvel: Contest of Champions.

Performance is measured on the value of mobile phones frames per second (FPS) and the median age of a variety of games that run. FPS stability is also included in the assessment. As a result, Apple’s iPhone 6 appearing at the top.

“IPhone 6 on average produce higher value by 10 percent while running tenth tested high end games,” said GameBench in its report.

“Galaxy S6 performed in second place, with more performance bottleneck that causes the framerate dropped to 30 FPS,” said the company. As for the third and fourth positions respectively occupied by HTC Nexus One M9 and 6.

Although the iPhone 6 had won the first prize, GameBench add a note that some games are more optimized for one platform than the other (eg iOS, rather than Android).

iPhone 6 also run the game with a smaller resolution than the Android phones (720p, 1080p versus on Android) so that the processing load is smaller. Screen resolution of the device in question is lower than most high-end Android smartphones today.

Differences that are under GameBench contribute to the high value of the iPhone 6. Going forward, GameBench intend to run tests on an iPhone 6 Plus which has a display resolution standard closer to Android.

Tinder Dating Application Will Increasingly Unique in SmartWatch

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Messaging social applications are often used for a date or find a mate, Tinder, reportedly will soon be released for the Apple platform Watch. Later when it was released on Apple Watch, Tinder applications will take advantage of hands-free feature on the device. In addition to hands free, Tinder’ll also be able to monitor the heart rate of the user.

dating tinder app

But unfortunately not yet clear how to work in a hands-free feature that later. While the features that work to monitor heart rate, how it works is quite unique.

How? when later paired at Apple, Tinder will pair (match) of the second pair to measure their heart. When the user heart beat faster than normal when viewing a photo of the opposite sex who is also using Tinder at Apple Watch, it is considered you have a crush on him.

When the opposite sex even feel the same way when you are viewing photos, then later Tinder will assume the two sides were interested, which means they are suitable (mutual love).

Previously, these applications rely on features like for matching (connecting) the two couples. So you love someone in such Tinder, then clicking on the picture, as well as with the opposite sex, then the new Tinder will make communication (think fit or like each other).

Not only at Apple Watch but later Tinder also will enter the Android platform Wear. But not explained further about the launch date on the two operating systems.