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Best Android Applications 2015 Version of Google Play

google play best app

Soon, 2015 will soon be over. As a part of the world’s largest online store, Google Play Store has finally released a list of the best applications throughout the year.

google play best app

In the official page Play Store, Google announced that the list of applications includes free and paid applications from five categories. The fifth category is games, productivity, movies, books, and news.

For the category of games, the five best applications 2015 version of the Google Play Store is BIMA-X, Vainglory, Minions Paradise, Rush Magic: Heroes, Duel Brain PREMIUM, and the Billionaire. In this category, Duel Brain PREMIUM to be the only best applications 2015 that are paid.

In the productivity category, Google Play Store pick Dubsmash, Go-Jek, Periscope, Mivo, and Bestie – Best selfie Camera. For this category, five such applications are all free.

For the category of best-selling movies, Google Play Store named Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, American Sniper, Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Proposal, The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, and Chappie. In this category, the majority is dominated by the genre of action and adventure movies.

In the category of books, Google Play Store pick Koala Kumal by Raditya Dika, Accelerate Your Success by Yusuf Mansur, Humor fuel by Inzra B, Dilan: He is Dilanku 1990 by Pidi Baiq, Baby Proposal and After Offce Hour: true love comes second by Dahlian & Gielda Lafita.

As in the category of news, Google Play Store chose Metro TV News, Tempo.co, Tabloid PULSE, Femina, and Girl. Such categories of productivity, the fifth of its news app is free.

List of New Applications For Smartphones

smartphone applications

For those of you who have advanced smartphones, it is not complete applications in the smartphone was not supported with equal sophistication of smartphones that we have. Applications provided the programmer has always been developed and many new applications coming in as the development of the technology world.

smartphone applications

Therefore, in order not to miss a list of applications that should be owned by your powerful smartphone, consider some of the following for a list of some of the latest applications for the week that you can download on your smartphone:


Application called Shelfie this is not software to staple the face or bernarsis ria, but useful app turns your phone into a bunch of interesting ebook in cyberspace. You can get this application for free on iOS and Android.


Application called Inkboard can be used to draw on the photo. You can use a variety of tools such as pencils, markers, highlighters, crayons, and erasers. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an application to record and have functions such as Evernote. This application is very useful for you to make notes quickly. Google Keep it can be used to organize records, sharing with friends, colleagues, and family. You can download it for free on Android and iOS.


Software called Paper can be used to sketch drawings and writing. When first launched, the application is only available for the iPad, but now can be used also on the iPhone.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the educational application that provides over 4,000 educational videos. Users who download the application can enjoy interesting videos from Khan Academy library, which contains interesting topics about general science, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, finance, history, humanities, and more. This app is available for iOS and Android for free.

Android Phones Apparently Has a Secret Menu

android secret menu

Every Android phone actually has a secret menu. This menu is intended for developers or those who understand and hobbies gadget.

android secret menu

However, ordinary people can access to know the origin of the codes used. If you try to access them, you are advised to just look around and do not change any settings.

Because the error changes to the settings on the secret menu that can be fatal. The gadget could be not working and must be dealt with through a service center. To enter the hidden menu to enter the code *#*#4636#*#* in the mode dial telephone numbers.

Typically, in this menu, there are four sub-menus, ie Phone Information, Battery Information, Usage Statistics, and Wi-Fi Information.

In Phone Information, contained information such as the number of international mobile station equipment identity (IMEI), a network that is being used today, network preference settings, and more.

Battery Information to review information about the health of the battery, voltage, and temperature. Information Wi-Fi can be used to perform Ping and turn off or turn on a particular network.

Meanwhile, Usage Information contains information about the last application used mobile phones and information how long the phone is used.

Actually, the code *#*#4636#*#* can be used in all types of Android smartphones. However, when a try, you might find this code does not work in certain smartphones. In addition, the code could also do not display all the menus.

Which must be considered in the open secret menus, be careful when you try it. Do not arbitrarily change the setting in there because it can be fatal. For example, if you choose to turn off the phone radio, you will not be able to use it to call, SMS, or Internet, unless already turned it on again.

In addition, there are also the following code:

  • *#06# – Shows IMEI code.
  • *#*#7780#*#* – Factory reset (delete application data and applications on the phone, do not remove the firmware).
  • *2767*3855# – Deletes all data on the phone, including firmware (be careful with this code).
  • *#*#273283*255*663 282*#*#* – Back up all your photos and videos.
  • *#*#1472365#*#* – Test the GPS.
  • *#*#1234#*#* – Indicates information belonging to the firmware and PDA phones.

Hackers can Hack Android phone just by Sending A Message

hangouts apps

A security issue seems to haunt the Android smartphone users. Even this time, researchers from Zimperium Joshua Drake revealed that a hacker can hack Android phone quite simply using a message sent via the Hangouts app.

hangouts apps

Drake revealed that the security hole in Android phones allows hackers to hide malware through a short video. And the malware was going straight to work at the time the message was received. This is because the Hangouts app in Android automatically process incoming video received by users.

The process that occurs on the Hangouts app is also surely endanger the Android mobile phone users. Moreover malware on the video can be directly worked though the message is not opened. It could be that the users of these phones did not know if the phone has been hacked by the hacker.

Drake also said that the improvement of this security hole also would not be done in the near future. To that end, as a preventive measure, things that can be done is by not using Hangouts as the default messaging application.

Game Test Results in Four Fastest Smartphone

iphone games

iPhone 6 Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and the Nexus 6 is arguably the top four smartphone series that became the mainstay of the respective manufacturers.

iphone games

Which among them the most qualified when invited to play games? This is trying to look for the answer by GameBench benchmarking software maker.

In a report IB Times, GameBench run 10 popular mobile game titles are voracious resource in a fourth mobile phone, including GTA: San Andreas, Monument Valley, and Marvel: Contest of Champions.

Performance is measured on the value of mobile phones frames per second (FPS) and the median age of a variety of games that run. FPS stability is also included in the assessment. As a result, Apple’s iPhone 6 appearing at the top.

“IPhone 6 on average produce higher value by 10 percent while running tenth tested high end games,” said GameBench in its report.

“Galaxy S6 performed in second place, with more performance bottleneck that causes the framerate dropped to 30 FPS,” said the company. As for the third and fourth positions respectively occupied by HTC Nexus One M9 and 6.

Although the iPhone 6 had won the first prize, GameBench add a note that some games are more optimized for one platform than the other (eg iOS, rather than Android).

iPhone 6 also run the game with a smaller resolution than the Android phones (720p, 1080p versus on Android) so that the processing load is smaller. Screen resolution of the device in question is lower than most high-end Android smartphones today.

Differences that are under GameBench contribute to the high value of the iPhone 6. Going forward, GameBench intend to run tests on an iPhone 6 Plus which has a display resolution standard closer to Android.

Android app to Keep User Privacy

app privacy user

Your smartphone is sometimes borrowed by a friend and without realizing it, your friends for fun on your smartphone or the term jock is ‘hijacked’.

app privacy user

Well, sometimes even the fad may be too overwhelming or even dangerous for you. To avoid these things, you’ll want to use a smartphone application to secure from all forms of fad your friend.

An application called LEO Privacy Guard, claimed to be able to protect your smartphone from the action of ‘piracy’ is. “This is a free application that is available for locking applications, security, management and others – others. With this app you do not have to worry about privacy issues and data security again, please enjoy the Internet,” according to a description written in such applications as Google Play Sunday (06/28/2015).

Some features of, among others, immediately lock and unlock all the applications in the phone after a knock, it is easy to change the theme and profile locking and locking profiles automatically changed according to time and location.

This application can download for free in the Play Store with a small enough size 3.9 MB. Through Google Play index known these applications have been installed up to 50 million. Need Android version 4.0 or higher to be able to install the application.