Facebook Introduces Scrapbook for Kids Image

Although not specifically social networking share photos, many people like to share their precious moments with your child through Facebook. For the sake of facilitating the loyal users, social media Mark Zuckerberg introduced the program “scrapbook”.

This program is optional for users who want to organize their child’s photo on the social networking. Only photos tagged user to be added to the sheet Scrapbook.

Because most parents want to control their photos on Facebook, the largest social network in the world also has built several security features as well. Users can collaborate with their partners who have been “in a relationship” on Facebook, so that only the two of them alone can tag photos.

facebook scrapebook

To create a scrapbook, users need to open the “About” and “Family and Relationships”. There, Facebook will give you an invitation to make a scrapbook. Unfortunately, this feature can be enjoyed while Facebook users desktop, iPhone and Android in the United States.