Canon Makes 120 Megapixel DSLR Camera

canon eos 120

Canon seems to be focusing on developing a sensor with super large size. After announcing sensor world which claimed up to 250 megapixels (MP), now appears a DSLR camera prototype that included in the family of EOS sensor 120 MP.

canon eos 120

With a large super-resolution, the camera certainly can produce images that are so detailed, as can capture pores and wrinkles on the face and even able to display a unique reflection in the eyes of someone in the same shot.

The camera was dubbed 120M EOS Camera System. Although there is no word when the camera will swing in the market, but at least the crosshairs tool has become a prototype.

120M EOS Camera System itself seemed attached with 24-70mm lens, it looks solid and certainly targeting the premium market and professional photographers.

As for the 250 MP sensor which is also made by Canon codenamed APS-H CMOS with the amount of 19 580 x 12 600 pixels resolution. Canon APS-H sized larger than the APS-C, but has a smaller frame.

This sensor has claimed to be able to read the details of light very quickly to 1.25 billion pixels per second. The ability of the sensor is not only good for the purposes of taking a static image (photo), but also for high-resolution video.

The ability to take video sensors up to 5 fps and the image 30 times brighter than 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.