Yahoo Introduces Intelligent Launcher with More Features

aviate yahoo

Aviate launcher application developers recently acquired by Yahoo, is now presenting a new application launcher. Aviate Launcher comes with features that are more intelligent, so as to provide different views tailored to the user’s habits.

aviate yahoo\Aviate Launcher is home replacement screen which is known for its ability to adapt and give the appearance of a relevant service based on user needs for his habit of interacting in a smartphone.

After being acquired by Yahoo in July 2012, is now officially a Yahoo Aviate and many expressed that the application launcher called Yahoo Launcher. Smart Stream comes with features that are directly integrated with the system.

Smart claimed to record the stream to collect user data, so as to study the behavior of users when interacting with a smartphone. Furthermore, the application will give the appearance or content and are frequently accessed users tend to appear on the front page of the site automatic.

Like the theme app in store application services, serving menus and applications to attach to more neatly arranged. Users can also get a free app, available for Android devices is in the Play Store app store.