Windows Phone Safer than Android & iOS

windows phone

Compared to Android, many who call that iOS is stronger in terms of security. But there was a more secure again, the Windows Phone.

windows phone

As stated by Eugene Kaspersky, founder and boss of Kaspersky Lab in a conference in Australia. He said, Windows Phone is a platform that is more secure than Android or iOS.

In fact, according to him, iOS is actually more vulnerable to burglary, although the system is supposed to be more secure. “Criminals more obsessed with iOS, and in situ (iOS-ed) there are many security loopholes,” said Kaspersky.

Worse yet, if there is a security hole was disclosed IOS device is infected, there is no third-party antivirus can fix it, because Apple does not allow developers to create antivirus.

Android was not better, because according to Kaspersky, green robot OS logo that get millions brutal attack at any time. And until now, Windows Phone is still very clean from such attacks.

Kaspersky said that the mobile platform as the three above OS should get more attention, because 97% of users engage in activities that use passwords, such as mobile banking. And that is the main attraction for criminals.

Kaspersky has the ultimate trick that mobile devices do not become a target for criminals, which disconnects the device to the internet.

It was practiced by the Russian security experts in their everyday lives. He still using feature phones made by Sony Ericsson as a cell phone. He does have an Android tablet, which is only used as a means of entertainment when he was traveling.