Updated, WhatsApp Similar Web The Mobile Version

WhatsApp-Web version

WhatsApp quietly issued an update for web application or desktop hers. The form of additional management features that make the user can more easily change the kinds of things enough of the browser on the PC, without having to remove the phone and open the application WhatsApp.

WhatsApp-Web version

For example in terms of profile pictures. Users now simply click their profile picture on WhatsApp site, it will display an option to update the status, using laptop camera to shoot photos and upload new or delete a new photo.
The Next Web Menu new settings on the Web Whatsapp

Users can also delete and archive chat with friends directly from the web application. Not only that, group chat can also be treated the same, but with the additional option Mute and Leave Group Chat.

Additional updates can be found in the panel and the Group Info Contact Info. Now at the bottom of each panel there is a big red button labeled Delete Chat or Exit Group.

With the presence of these features, WhatsApp Web became more similar to cell phone applications. It thus facilitate users because it can perform various settings without having to remove the phone from the pouch.

It interestingly, all of the features added to the Web WhatsApp equipped with keyboard shortcut keys. Especially for the shortcut, seem WhatsApp remove it gradually because there there are also people who do not get it.

This update is the biggest change WhatsApp site since it was launched to the public six months ago. Previously there were only minor changes, such as additional color options for emoticons.