Updated, WhatsApp on Android Look More Fresh

Instant messaging application WhatsApp for Android obtain updates (updates) the display Material Design. This update makes the look more fresh WhatsApp.

whatsapp update design

Material Design is the design of the display that is brought Google to Android 5.0 interface Lollipop. The design has a characteristic that is flat, and the response is claimed to be faster.

With Material Design, users were treated to a new animation and change the interface of this popular instant messaging applications. Monitoring KompasTekno, typical green color bright original WhatsApp, now made older and resembles the color of Tosca.

Icon / contacts profile picture previously displayed with the design of the box, are now displayed with a round design. While the tab Calls, Chats, and Contacts at the top is designed more integrated, with the active tab is shown with white text.

Icon like Gallery, Photo, Video, Location, and others that appear after pressing the button on the top right corner Attachment also get updated design a new look.

In addition, the icon button Send owned WhatsApp now more resembles the Send button of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Send button only has a green color dots display design.

Update on Android is not yet available in the Google Play Store. To enjoy WhatsApp in Materials Design view, users can download the latest APK file WhatsApp, 2:12:34 version of Android WhatsApp official website (www.whatsapp.com/Android).