Twitter Want to Be Emergency Communication Tool

Characteristics Twitter is public, informative, real time and can be accessed by mobile, very useful in emergency situations. Twitter wants to cooperate with the Indonesian government into a platform emergency when a disaster occurs.

twitter social network“We really want to do it in Indonesia. Cooperation with first responders and entities in the industry to discuss how to collaborate in disaster recovery,” said Vice President of Global Public Policy Twitter Colin Crowell.

Talking with a number of media in Hotel Mulia, Senayan, Jakarta this week, Colin said countries like Indonesia, require practical communication platform during a disaster. When the crisis is over any disaster, people can use it for dissemination of information.

“We often hear of crisis when a natural disaster. Imagine, when there is an emergency, in a state of anxiety, we must ensure that all affected are in the right direction. Gets the right information”.

He pointed out that when the Haiyan typhoons in the Philippines last year, Twitter collaborated with the Philippine Red Cross offering free advertising credit to disseminate information about services and distribution services to the post-disaster needs of all citizens.