Thred, How to Make Instant Meme

Will Wright, the figure behind The Sims and SimCity not only like to make a game application. Wright has recently created a new application called thred. This application promises users the creative in a different way.

thred app

Thred similar to other photo sharing application that allows users to edit their photos with filters, stickers, frames and add captions. Which makes it claimed to be different, thred can create and share ‘multi-image stories’.

Multi-image stories or thred itself is a function of making a collection of photographs like a virtual scrapbook or photo album with a link.

“Thred is a direct evolution of my interest in crowdsourcing, online communities and devices that expand the imagination,” said Wright.

When creating a new thred, users can search for images in applications over the web, using existing photos in the gallery a new smartphone or snap photos.

The new digital photo album available for iOS devices users can also add location information to tell a friend or follower where you are. To make it look more attractive, the user may give him the sticker, text and filter. Before the split, the user can add a hashtag, tag other users and provide a caption.

Other features, there are feed to seek thred posted other users by searching ‘recent’ or ‘popular’, or can also search for posts based on topics of interest.

Wright apparently aiming for a trend make meme among users of social media. He also mentioned the application can be used to make creative content like meme, web comic, a travel diary and content ‘how-to’ to describe the creations of making something.

“One of the key ideas behind thred is a better way to create and consume mobile content. We provide quick and easy access to personal data and global that often we encounter everyday as a material for making creative content,” he said promoted.