Soon, Comments on Status Facebook Can Be Done Offline

facebook comments

Facebook now reportedly are testing a new feature that allows users to comment on a post offline status. Yes, with this feature the user can comment on posts the status of friends even though it was not connected to the internet users. Later comments will posted users only after the user connects to the internet back.

facebook comments

“You can comment on posts colleague who has just had a relationship recently even if the internet connection you are not friends. You can write greetings for example, and then posting those comments will appear after you reconnect to the Internet,” reads the post official Facebook about This new feature on its official blog.

Later, these features will complement similar capabilities that allow the user able to share and Like posts status despite being does not have an internet connection.

In addition to announcing the appearance of the feature immediately, Facebook reportedly will soon release an update feature that lets the user can still access the post status or news on the porch even when the internet connection is in good condition.