Sharing info via Zohib Messenger Homecoming

Eid forth season arrives. The number of moving vehicles often lead to congestion, collisions and others. Ministry of Communications seeks to help break the bottleneck and reduce the number of accidents by providing Zohib Messenger.

In cooperation with many parties, communication and information technology to facilitate the dissemination of information to the travelers. The dissemination of information is done through the medium of telecommunications, broadcasting and the internet.

In terms of telecommunications, information disseminated through short messages (SMS Blast) with the help of mobile telecommunication operators under the coordination of Information and Public Relations Communications and Information Technology.

Media Broadcasting, conducted by Radio Broadcast, where the channel frequency for each location can be seen in a leaflet issued by the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication.

Zohib Messenger, is the dissemination of information is done through the application Lebaran developed by the Directorate of Special Telecommunications along with the click of Indonesia. This application is a service of Over The Top (OTT), working on ecosystem Click Indonesian.zahir messenger

“For Eid 2014 edition, Zohib Messenger application plus a special menu or channel information Lebaran,” said the Ministry of Communications through its official website.

In the menu, travelers could get pushed location-based information messages within a radius of 10 km as the condition of traffic jams or accidents.

Besides pushed the info messages are also available interactive information that is location Hospital, rest area, garage, police stations and gas stations within a radius of 10 km is shown embedded in the map / folder.

Users can also see real-time traffic conditions via CCTV is available within a radius of 10 Km in a video or image formats. Zohib Messenger application currently can only be used on Android phones.

“With the information dissemination activities carried traffic during homecoming season, hopefully people will have the comfort and security so that the loss of moral, material and fatalities can be reduced,”