Prospective New Logo Google Failed Selected

logo google failed selected

Google announces changes to display its logo. Prior to the present form, the new logo of Google through the design and selection process first.

logo google failed selected

The process is described in an article by Google design team at the company’s official blog. Inside was a photograph of two Google employees were discussing the new logo options.

In front of them plastered various candidates Google’s new logo design, printed on several sheets of paper and taped to the wall. Of these, only one was eventually chosen Google.

One design that was rejected Google logo displays all font words “Google” in small letters (lowercase), in contrast with the Google logo has been wearing the letter “G” in the prefix of the word capitalized.

The most radical is the Google logo that is visible in the upper right corner, which shows all the letters of Google in a round shape and a box.

Google introduced a new logo today following restructuring in the body dilakuakn Google, where the giant technology company that is now a subsidiary of Alphabet.

In addition to Google’s main logo, the logo used in other Google services, like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Search also changed by Google.