Presentation Easy Ways to Android Phones

When making a presentation, we often use the remote device to help control the slide. Well, if there are no such devices, we can take advantage of Android smartphones. Furthermore simply install the Remote Office applications.

office android

Application Remote newly launched Microsoft Office for Android users. Previously been available for Windows Phone devices. We can free download Office Remote via Google Play Store.

Later, after connecting PCs and Android smartphones, we can control the Powerpoint presentation slides through this application. In fact, not only that, we can use this application to play and pause the video and audio in the presentation.

In addition, through this Remote Office, we are enabled to see the presentation notes and switch to the slide show thumbnails quickly. More interestingly, this application can also collaborated with the Excel application and the World.

When connected to the Excel application, users can scrolling, zooming, switching between worksheets and more. Thus even in Word, can perform the same function, plus it is possible to jump to headings and comments quickly.