Play ‘Flappy Bird’ on Google Glass with Winking

Still remember Flappy Bird? Games that have not circulated it had become very phenomenal some time ago. Now, Flappy Bird try again presented in the Google Glass.

flappybird gamesQuoted from Ubergizmo, is named Nothing Labs developers, the release of the game. Because the glasses are presented in smart, play it was an interesting way, ie with a wink.

Slightly backward review about this game, Flappy Bird made ​​millions of users of Android and iOS avid play. Many users who called Flappy Bird frustrating, but addictive effect for those who play it.

Flappy Bird had a simple game system. On your phone or tablet, users just simply touch the screen to control the bird to fly smoothly past the green pole.

This pole will move up and down. It sounds easy, but when playing it, anyone is guaranteed to be made forcefully and more curious.

The main difficulty, lies on finding the right rhythm to avoid green poles. If you have found any pattern, gamers need ‘stamina’ strong thumb to get the highest score.

Well, very interesting when this game was brought to the Google Glass. Imagine how funny would be friendly blinked repeatedly so that the ugly birds get through the pole.