Periscope Translucent 10 Million Users

periscope twitter

Periscope potential to pick up large numbers of users. Just four months after its release, its growth was significant.

periscope twitter

The video streaming applications currently has 10 million registered users. Given the increasingly crowded people take advantage of this application, the figure of 10 million would still be growing.

However, as reported by IT Pro Portal, Periscope is currently more concerned with the time users spend watching videos for Periscope in Android and iOS than the number of users or video watched.

Time watch is the yardstick very cared for by Periscope, Periscope and will continue to update the information periodically.

Periscope steal the show when Twitter acquisition March. This step shows the seriousness of Twitter in video services. Later, Twitter is diligent testing video ads and allows users to upload and edit their videos.

However, Twitter is still developing Vine separately. Service short duration of six seconds of video is bought in 2012. Interestingly, Twitter users seem more familiar to use Vine rather than uploading videos directly on Twitter.