Periscope add new features very useful

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Periscope reportedly has released a new feature that is claimed to be very useful to enhance the experience of live streaming video to users. Applications were officially acquired by Twitter some time ago that, reportedly now has added features rewind and fast forward.

periscope logo

This feature is very useful for those who can not wait to watch the video being broadcast. Yes, usually 20 seconds at the beginning of the live streaming video will be used by the video makers to wait for more people to join. Now, with the fast forward and rewind features then you do not need to boredom for it because you can accelerate or even rewind live streaming video is being watched.

How it works is quite simple. You just need to push the replay button for a few seconds. After that, it will display a screen that displays video in a minimal format. You can move backward or forward through time ‘thread of time’ that is under video according to your will, then the video will automatically begin to play the video in seconds or minutes that you have chosen earlier. Not easy to use?

Unfortunately, this feature is available for most users Periscope on Android devices as well as the website version. The plan, in the near future these features will also be added to the iOS version Periscope.