More YouTube Views Than Facebook

youtube channel

YouTube called the service of an audience of more than Facebook. At least, that’s what Google CEO expressed SundarPichai before investors some time ago.

youtube channel

Pichai said that YouTube users are accustomed to watching video in a fairly long duration. Pichai said that users watch videos up to thousands of hours total each day.

This statement is an affirmation Pichai told investors that YouTube watch more often than Facebook users of social media. Not only that, Pichai also want to respond to a statement like Facebook some time ago about the duration of watching videos on social networking.

Facebook previously revealed that the video services on their platform has been watched up to 8 billion people each day. In fact, for the first time, total videos viewed on Facebook reached 100 million per day.

However, the duration of videos watched Facebook is not comparable with actual conditions. Therefore, Facebook has a feature that allows the auto-play video automatically plays. In addition, Facebook also calculates a video was watched when has played for three seconds. Therefore, it was likely there Facebook users who do not watch a video to completion.

On the other hand, Pichai did not specify the duration of the video that has been viewed on YouTube each day.

However, according to a report from The New York Times in December 2014, stated that the duration of a user to watch a video on YouTube every day more than 300 hours.

Meanwhile, information from reliable sources said that the duration of a user watching YouTube reached 500 million hours per day in July. Google itself also mentions that the watch time YouTube has grown 60 percent from year to year.