Microsoft Presents Special Feature Search Twitter on Bing

Microsoft has just announced that it has teamed with Twitter. The results of such cooperation, namely Microsoft’s search engine users, Bing can do a search related to Twitter, such as user accounts, popular tweets, and hashtags directly in the search box Bing.

This feature is similar to features found in Twitter search. Search results related to Twitter in Bing also done in real-time, relevant, or the same as when accessing a search directly on Twitter.

bing search twitter“The main idea behind this approach is the most interesting content on Twitter may be determined by a combination of the popularity of the tweet itself, fresh, and authority of users to tweet,” wrote Microsoft.

How it works itself, Microsoft explained in its blog page, the user can simply type a few letters that preceded the sign add ‘@’ or hashtag ‘#’ in the search box, then Bing automatically performs the matching word in question, without users having to write the entire query-text. Once the search results appear, on the right there is a link to go directly to the page Twitter users to search Bing.

“Bing also help you find a particular Twitter user. Tell the one you are looking for a Twitter Ashton Kutcher and start typing ‘@ a’ in the search box Bing. You can see from our suggestions for the Twitter users that match that entered by you with with additional info to help you quickly find the right person, “said Microsoft.

bing search engineMicrosoft’s collaboration with Twitter itself is not the first case. Not long ago, one interpreter services to Microsoft, Bing Translate was tested in order to help Twitter users post tweets Twitter able to understand a foreign language.