Mark Zuckerberg: Internet Equally Important As 911

Mark Zuckerberg to see the internet in recent times is a vital service that should be available to anyone around the world. Similarly, the importance, the Facebook boss said the Internet should be the same as the 911 emergency call service.

Wall Street Journal in an editorial note depicts Zuckerberg’s vision of the internet access. Currently, only a third of people in the world connected to the Internet.

mark zuckerberg facebookThat is, according to him, there are still many obstacles. Internet access is often constrained by the still high cost or lack of adequate infrastructure support.

Facebook itself increasingly grown rapidly to become the social networking giant. But it just does not seem enough. Facebook wants to connect all over the world, even if it could be the internet service provider.

How? By using a variety of equipment like in a science fiction story. Call it the unmanned aircraft, satellites, until the laser beam which is currently under development. Clearly, the results will be a platform to provide services with Facebook in the future.

Zuckerberg said, 90% of the world’s population problem is not a matter of inadequate network connectivity, but the lack of affordable data services.

So, one solution is to provide free basic Internet services that will support more people can enjoy data services “certain basic services are free of charge via the phone a lot. Example, people can call 911 to obtain immediate medical care, or to report a crime. Was able even though you do not pay the phone bill, “said Zuckerberg pointed out.

“In the future, everyone should have access to basic internet services. Even though they do not pay for data services,” he continued.

Zuckerberg hopes to provide cheap and even free internet access to more people in the world through It is a collaborative effort launched last year by the Globe and telecommunications operatir Tigo.

The young millionaire does not explain in detail what can be referred to as the basic Internet services, as well as telecom operators that will become a priority for towed.

But he said that access to online tools to help everyone do their jobs better, which will affect generate more jobs, business and opportunity.

Furthermore, Zuckerberg argued that by extending the Internet access will create millions of jobs and lifted millions of people out there from poverty.

“The Internet is the foundation for the economy. Centre will help control human progress,” he concluded.