Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Threatens Employees with Sword

Youth Mark Zuckerberg is brilliant, but beyond that he was still emotional. Zuck often dismiss employees if the work is not done, even threatening them with the sword as a form of motivation.

That claim is stated by former Facebook employee, Noah Kagan in his book entitled “How I Lost 170 million dollars’. Kagan is also the feeling never fired Zuckerberg in 2006, only eight months after working there.

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Kagan recounts that once, Zuck sometimes a walk in the office while carrying a samurai sword. He will pretend to threaten employees with a sword attack it if they work poorly.

“He would go around and pretend to stab you, joking if there is damage to the website, then he will cut off your head,” wrote Kagan are quoted.

“Keep in mind that the nerd is the new teen 23 years old, he was in control of the fastest growing websites on the internet. He still immature at the time,” Kagan added.

Not just like carrying a samurai to threaten employees, Zuckerberg sometimes emotions explode. Once upon a time he poured water into the computer of a Facebook employee as deemed incompetent.

Because fired, Kagan who was the 30th employee of Facebook, the allotment of shares lost 0.1%. While it seems small, but so the high value of Facebook, that small stocks are estimated to be worth up to USD 100 million today.

But after leaving Facebook, Kagan is not necessarily hopeless. He was pretty successful in making a website called AppSumo discount. “I’m happy with my being present and all the experience that I got from Facebook,”