Launched week, Angry Birds 2 Downloaded 20 Million Times

angry bird 2

Game Angry Birds 2 became available on Android and iOS since July 30, but the new week released a sequel to the Angry Birds game has been downloaded 20 million times.

angry bird 2

The developer of Angry Birds 2, Rovio, officially announced if the series Angry Birds 2 scored an impressive weekly. The game occupies the first position in the ranks of the iOS game and became the most downloaded game on your Android device.

Another interesting fact, since the game was released slingshot in Angry Birds 2 has been used as much as 1.4 billion times and countless users have completed more than 300 million level. Rovio revealed, if the Angry Birds are very popular in the market, just when the first game also became hits.

As in China, the game is very booming. This is different from the first Angry Birds gamers who are not favored. Today more than 700 million smartphone users in China already downloaded it, this means Angry Birds 2 is expected to break the record a new download.

For information, although most of the plot in the game Angry Birds 2 similar to the first, but there are some changes that appear in the new game. Level in the game Angry Birds 2 will be a multi-stage. This means the player must destroy some pig castle, and also pigs itself, after qualifying players will face battle against the boss pig.