Increase Online Video Technology, Yahoo Acquisition RayV

yahoo_rayv videoBack Yahoo’s acquisition of another company. This time a streaming video company named RayV purchased by the giant companies. Reasons for the acquisition of Yahoo this time is for the sake of improving the online video technology lately amid intensified Yahoo.

RayV is a company that develops software for online video streaming HD quality including the use of mobile devices. RayV established since 2005, with offices based in Los Angeles but the R & D division of the company is operating in Tel Aviv. Should the acquisition is completed, most of the employees will join Yahoo’s R & D center in Israel.

According to PPS Narayan, VP of cloud platforms and services that Yahoo Yahoo wrote in an official blog on Yahoo to focus on building their own video services deliver quality and best-in-class content, and the videos can be streamed either live or on-demand on all platforms. And RayV team will share a passion for innovation and commitment to build a video infrastructure to deliver the best video experience for its users.

Under CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo is aggressively to expand video services streamingnya. Even the various steps have been performed, including acquired companies, who were quite supportive measures include hiring Yahoo’s leading media personality Katie Couric. The news that Yahoo began wanting to buy RayV itself has been circulating since last May. The Internet giant is also reportedly keen to embrace other video companies such as Dailymotion, NDN and Fullscreen although there has been no sign of success in the acquisition process.

Despite the certainty of the acquisition was announced, but has not explained whether RayV will continue to operate independently, but in most of the company which was acquired by Yahoo in that leadership Mayer will usually discontinued operations after the technology taken over. RayV own party in a post on his blog stating that they were very excited with the acquisition because Yahoo is already global scale and broad-based content, combined with exceptional leadership and a sense of success possessed Yahoo so that it can create an ideal environment for the team to thrive RayV and pushed to the next level.