Imitate Google, Yahoo Email Encryption

Privacy rights activists fighters seem to be more happy. After Google’s earlier encrypt email, Yahoo now do follow the same steps.

Such as Google, Yahoo will provide this feature in the near future. Being part of the PGP or Pretty Good Privacy, an email encryption is not the default, but users can choose to use it or not.

yahoo mail“PGP is not a ‘cure’ for all the privacy issues.’s Only protects the actual content of a message, not the purpose or subject of the email, for example,” said Alex Stamos, CISO of Yahoo.

Yahoo was first promised to encrypt all of its services in November 2013, proposed the following appointments busy to leak issue Snowden. Furthermore, in April this year, Yahoo said it will encrypt traffic between data centers and messenger services.

Meanwhile, Google recently announced it will offer email encryption. Not without reason, Google’s attempt to muffle the accusation as an extension of the NSA.

Some time ago, the Internet giant is drawing protests from people who are very concerned with the security of privacy. Google at that time had a rule that it had the discretion to read mail Gmail users.