How much money spent to buy


In October last year, a student named Ved Sanmay from Babson College in Massachusetts made a startling claim. At that time, he admitted that he had managed to domain name even if only for a minute.


“I hope that an error will occur (when you try to buy the domain But I can actually complete the transaction and the balance on my credit card declined,” said Ved on LinkedIn account.

Believe it or not, the money spent to buy Ved when it was USD 11.99 only. Fortunately, the search engine giant and contact Ved realized as soon as possible.

Ved success (even if only in a matter of minutes) was very interesting Google Security. Ved was immediately offered a sum of cash. According to Ved, the number was not more than USD 10,000.

After months of mystery, it finally revealed the face. Through an article entitled “Google Security Reward 2015”, Google claims to have given cash to the value of USD 6006.13 Ved.

Regardless of the truth claims of Ved, the question is, why the numbers seem odd? The reason Google was not as interesting, such as the nominal pronunciation (at a glance) similar to pronounce the word “Google”.

Another interesting fact, Google will eventually double the amount of the gift of knowing Ved use it to do good with the money donated to the Art of Living Foundation, India.