Hackers can Hack Android phone just by Sending A Message

hangouts apps

A security issue seems to haunt the Android smartphone users. Even this time, researchers from Zimperium Joshua Drake revealed that a hacker can hack Android phone quite simply using a message sent via the Hangouts app.

hangouts apps

Drake revealed that the security hole in Android phones allows hackers to hide malware through a short video. And the malware was going straight to work at the time the message was received. This is because the Hangouts app in Android automatically process incoming video received by users.

The process that occurs on the Hangouts app is also surely endanger the Android mobile phone users. Moreover malware on the video can be directly worked though the message is not opened. It could be that the users of these phones did not know if the phone has been hacked by the hacker.

Drake also said that the improvement of this security hole also would not be done in the near future. To that end, as a preventive measure, things that can be done is by not using Hangouts as the default messaging application.