Google Launches YouTube Gaming

youtube gaming

The rumor that Google is preparing to compete with the Twitch was indeed true. The Internet giant this week introduced YouTube Gaming, special streaming video sites gamer.

youtube gaming

YouTube Gaming is positioned as a service separate from the main site YouTube. Like Twitch, the main menu in the form of streaming video related to gaming, both live and on-demand.

“You can search for content with confidence, knowing that typing the word” call “will bring up the ‘Call of Duty’ (the name of the game), and not ‘Call Me Maybe’ (the name of the music video),” said Google Product Manager Alan Joyce in a Gaming blog post on YouTube.

YouTube Gaming, among others, rely on 60 FPS video streaming capabilities that are important to record and watch videos taken from the game. In addition, Google also promises broadcasting facilities to YouTube in easy way.

More than 25,000 titles will have a landing page each on YouTube gaming, following the canals of gaming companies and partners YouTube content creator.

Currently the new Gaming YouTube service is scheduled to be available in the US and the UK, around mid-2015.

The presence of YouTube Gaming is already wafted in March, Google acquired after the failure of Twitch, who eventually bought by Amazon valued at 970 million US dollars in 2014.

Twitch is a similar service YouTube Gaming which has been dominating the realm of streaming video, livestream, and broadcast sessions of game play with viewer numbers reached 100 million per month.