Google changing the design of the Android Play Store with Style L

Although the Android OS L is currently available in beta for developers, but it turns out Google has begun the release of installments of other elements of the newest OS.

Mountain View-based company was to update the look of animation and Play Store with new designs that are tailored to the style of Materials Design – which became the theme of the design of the Android L.

google play store designIt was dikicaukan on Twitter by @GooglePlay account. “Our newest update is already available! We are very excited to share examples of where you want to get in the coming days,” Google wrote.

The design changes occurred in page Play Store app on Android. As seen, this is a massive update in every aspect of the design of the page. One of the most visible is the background color changes from gray to white.

In addition, Google also much swapping the placement of various elements on the page. An example screenshot of the application that was moved from the top of the bottom.

Although not all the material elements of design used in this update, at least the user can begin to get an idea of the application of the Materials Design in the Android OS.