Google Block Piracy Site Search

Google will inject new algorithms in search engines. This algorithm ensures that sites containing pirated content is not easy to show up when users search music, movies and other copyright-related content.

GoogleThis step seems to be Google’s answer to the music industry and film piracy accused Google support. This time, Google’s website ranking results will be known in the search results.

“August 2012, the first time we announced it will lower the ranking of sites that contain pirated content. Today we renew that affect the ranking and appearance of a number of sites,” wrote Google Senior Copyright Counsel Katherine Oyama in the official Google blog.

However, as quoted from the site Hitc Tech, Oyama did not mention in detail how the decline in the ranking of a site will affect the appearance of the search results.

Oyama also mentions Google began testing a new ad format that shows links to video services and digital music when users perform keyword searches including downloads, free and watch.