Button “Ok Google” Will be Removed From Chrome

google chrome

Recently Chrome 46 has entered a stable channel run on Windows, Mac, and Linux, so Chrome 46 will be available for the public on the platform. Google removes post notification center of Chrome some time ago, and today a new step has been taken by Google.

google chrome

According to the expression of Google, the company not only remove the notification center of Chrome, but also erase the voice command “OK Google” in this browser. Before the voice search with the “OK Google” is brought into the desktops on the Chrome browser, this feature has been pinned on the search begins in Android.

When this button is operated, all users can access Google.com or a new Chrome window, saying, “Ok Google”, after the start search with the sound of the user. That feature will be removed from the Chrome browser, so users can run a search using voice.

The plan is a search feature with voice commands will be maintained by Chrome. But for this operation can still be operated, the first step that must be done by the user is visiting Google.com and clicking colorful microphone to voice their orders. Of course, with this method will make the performance look more difficult than before.

Changes in the search “Ok Google”, this will have no effect on the Chrome OS, although this feature will be live on Google’s cloud-based operating system.