Beauty Marissa Mayer sacks COO of Yahoo

Yahoo released the shocking news. Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro reportedly will no longer recruit the internet giant.

As reported by Business Insider, the departure of De Castro’s share of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. But this was a beautiful executive recruiting De Castro in October 2012 ago.

“In the evaluation I had done, I did a lot of hard decisions. Where one of them is our COO, Henrique De Castro, have left the company. I appreciated the contribution De Castro and wish the best for him in the future,” Mayer wrote in his official email.

henrique decastro yahoo cooDe Castro effectively gone from Yahoo by January 16, 2014. Yet mentioned who his successor for a while.

But for sure, recruited De Castro from Google 15 months ago to help Yahoo improve their rightful relationship with large agencies can be ramped up to Yahoo’s advertising business.

Mayer was initially high hopes of his colleagues said – over both the Google alumni.

Includes currently believed to be the CEO of Yahoo Mayer, De Castro also follow the plow in the hope that it can also cause bladder ads to Yahoo. Just like when De Castro created the Google ad display business which has now been able to capture revenue to billions of dollars.