Be careful! Yahoo Peering Email Content The Users


The users of Yahoo e-mail service seems to be cautious in using his electronic mail account. Especially when used for sending personal or confidential information. How not, the company is now known to peek at the contents of email users.


Even today the Yahoo e-mail users in the United States was abuzz legal action to court. In its claim that Yahoo was accused of gathering information on the Yahoo email users, especially when there is an email received from a non-Yahoo users.

In such allegations, Yahoo was accused of gathering information from as many as 275 million users of its services. Yahoo also suspected of collecting information as well as when they consider incoming email is spam and malware. Even Yahoo is also accused of peering into the e-mail file attachment.

The purpose of gathering information by Yahoo was not because there is a demand from the United States government. None other than advertising. This suspicion is strengthened by the fact that 79 percent of Yahoo’s revenue in 2014 came from advertising.