Ad Blocker Browser Now Available on Android

adblock browser

Ad blocker application on Android platform made AdBlock Plus formerly had circulated in the Android app store, Play Store. The application was then banned by Google and deleted.

adblock browser

Now, AdBlock Plus AdBlock browser release, applications in the Android browser that counteract any ads displayed on web pages.

However, Adblock Browser to now could not be downloaded from the Play Store app store. Users who are interested must first join the group Google Plus and follow the instructions to download it.

In addition to providing ad blocker browser application on Android, the company also hopes in the future could release it in the iOS version.

AdBlock browser has default settings that would block any ads that are considered not in accordance with specific guidelines ads can be displayed.

Company developers have had the white list automatically will not block ads on some specific sites in accordance with defined criteria, which are not classified as intrusive (intrusive).

In addition, users also have the option to block all ads through the application settings.

AdBlock browser is not built from scratch, but instead uses a version of the Mozilla Firefox browser, so that it looks like a mobile browser.

“By making this browser, aims to get the freedom to integrate ad blocker as the main feature. The purpose of this browser is to build a solid browser with integrated ad blocker nice.