Flappy Bird, Game ‘Painful’ that Make Addiction

There is a new game being played by millions of users of Android and iOS. Flappy Bird, although ‘painful’ but the game is still addictive play anyone.

flappybird gamesFlappy Bird had a game system that is simple, just tap the screen stayed until the bird flew. Players will be able to control the bird to fly smoothly past the green pole.

Sounds easy does not it? But you try to play yourself. This game is guaranteed to make exasperation, curious, but also ‘painful’.

Two to three minutes of play, the score was penah could get up to 5. Fortunately, in the next minute the score can move up, and keep going up.

Not as difficult to ‘run’ on Temple Run, or to match the image in Candy Crush, the level of difficulty in Flappy Bird is quite painful and even looks impossible to be completed.

The main difficulty lies in looking for a rhythm to avoid green poles. And if it is found the pattern, then the players need a strong thumb stamina to get the highest score.

The highest achievement is to play with the score reaches 52, it was already quite tiring and makes hands feel numb thumb.

Flappy Bird plays overall is quite enjoyable. Old school graphics and simple game system that makes this game was easy to play, although in fact requires a lot of patience. Challenged to give it a try?